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Review of in vivo optical molecular imaging and sensing from x-ray excitation

X-ray scintillation and photoluminescence of isomorphic ionic bismuth halides with [Amim]+ or [Ammim]+ cations

Self-powered flexible all-perovskite X-ray detectors with high sensitivity and fast response

Long lifetime phosphorescence and X-ray scintillation of chlorobismuthate hybrids incorporating ionic liquid cations

Luminescence Behavior of the Ba2HfF8:Dy3+/Sm3+ Nanophosphor for White Light-Emitting Applications

Eco-friendly x-ray scintillators based on organic metal halide hybrids

Oriented-Structured CsCu2I3 Film by Close-Space Sublimation and Nanoscale Seed Screening for High-Resolution X-ray Imaging.

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X Ray Scintillation X선 섬광

X Ray Scintillation X선 섬광
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