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Deep convolutional neural networks for COVID‐19 automatic diagnosis

Machine learning for medical imaging‐based COVID‐19 detection and diagnosis

A deep learning model for mass screening of COVID‐19

Image similarity‐based cardiac rhythm device identification from X‐rays using feature point matching

Uncertainty in the positioning of patients receiving treatment for brain metastases and wearing surgical mask underneath thermoplastic mask during COVID‐19 crisis

Detection of pneumonia in chest X‐ray images by using 2D discrete wavelet feature extraction with random forest

Functionality‐Driven Musculature Retargeting

COVID‐19 disease severity assessment using CNN model

A Cascade‐SEME network for COVID‐19 detection in chest x‐ray images

A novel and efficient deep learning approach for COVID‐19 detection using X‐ray imaging modality

Randomly Initialized Convolutional Neural Network for the Recognition of COVID-19 using X-ray Images

A feasibility study of a portable intraoperative specimen imaging X‐ray system based on carbon nanotube field emitters

Convolutional neural network for diagnosis of viral pneumonia and COVID‐19 alike diseases

Development of intuitionistic fuzzy special embedded convolutional neural network for mammography enhancement

DC‐GAN ‐based synthetic X‐ray images augmentation for increasing the performance of EfficientNet for COVID ‐19 detection

Evaluation of deep learning for COVID‐19 diagnosis: Impact of image dataset organization

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X Ray Images 엑스레이 이미지

X Ray Images 엑스레이 이미지
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