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Evaluating optimized electroless plating of carbon nano-fibers by nickel nanoparticles utilizing UV–Vis spectrophotometry and MCR–ALS chemometrics method

Application of Nd-Fe-B Permanent Magnets with Ion-Plasma ZrO2 Coating in Orthodontics

Determination of twenty chemical element contents in normal and goitrous thyroid using X-ray fluorescent and neutron activation analysis

Synthesis of Precursors of Complex Oxide Systems Using Electrogenerated Reagents

Physiognomies and Strength Investigation of Concrete Part Blended by Wood Ash

Variation in the Collimator Beam Size of Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy for Improved Measurement of Gold Purity

Spectroscopic Analysis of Clove Plasma Parameters Using Optical Emission Spectroscopy

Failure analysis of a bearing bush of a feed water pump

Native gold in the weathering crust of the Nizhneselemdzhinsky gold-bearing node (Amur region)

Research into thickening processes of concentrates of gold-bearing ores

Research into the chemical composition of refinery slag from silicon production for its efficient recycling

Nickel release from metallic earrings: a surveyof the Danish market and validation of the nickel spot test.

Synchrotron fluorescence imaging of individual mouse beta-cells reveals changes in zinc, calcium and iron in a model of low-grade inflammation.

Evaluation of the Foundry Properties of Stabilized Ile-Ife and Akure Anthill Clay

The relation between wave velocity and radio spectrum to evaluate concrete structures

An analysis of geochemical features of crystallization of emeralds as an approach to determine the deposit of them

Effects of deposition temperature on structure, residual stress and corrosion behavior of Cr/TiN/Ti/TiN films

A Study on Characterization of Green Metal Matrix Composites Reinforced with Melon Shell Ash Particulates

Impact of forest trees on the soil reflectance and their relation of soil oxides in Sherawa village, Erbil government- Iraq


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X Ray Fluorescent 엑스레이 형광등

X Ray Fluorescent 엑스레이 형광등
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