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Incidence and missed diagnosis risk of occult posterior malleolar fractures associated with the tibial shaft fractures: a systematic review

Photodiodes based on a MAPbBr3/Bi3+-doped MAPbCl3 single crystals heterojunction for the X-ray detection

AT 2019avd: a novel addition to the diverse population of nuclear transients

Spatially resolved x-ray detection with photonic crystal scintillators

Preparation and properties of GAGG:Ce/glass composite scintillation material* * Project support by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 11975220, 51972291, 11575170, and 11605194).

Perovskite detectors for x-ray imaging and gamma spectroscopy: overview and current state-of-the-art

Determination of X-ray detection limit and applications in perovskite X-ray detectors

Halide perovskites for high-performance X-ray detector

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[Analysis of bone mineral density and its influencing factors in 211 patients with chronic hepatitis B treated with long-term entecavir monotherapy].

Reproducible X-ray Imaging with a Perovskite Nanocrystal Scintillator Embedded in a Transparent Amorphous Network Structure.

Proton radiation hardness of x-ray SOI pixel sensors with pinned depleted diode structure

Holographic x-ray detection: A method for high resolution, high efficiency x-ray detection with differential phase contrast

Recent advances toward environment-friendly photodetectors based on lead-free metal halide perovskites and perovskite derivatives

These are not the Stars You are Looking for: On the Detection of X-Ray Emission from HD 143352

Fabrication of HfxSi1−xO2 microparticle-loaded PVK-based plastic scintillators using the sol–gel method for high-energy X-ray detection at high counting rate

Fine-control-valve of halide perovskite single crystal quality for high performance X-ray detection

Where Do Obscured AGN Fit in a Galaxy’s Timeline?

Solution-processed lead-free bulk 0D Cs3Cu2I5 single crystal for indirect gamma-ray spectroscopy application

Monte Carlo Modeling and Design of Photon Energy Attenuation Layers for >10× Quantum Yield Enhancement in Si-Based Hard X-ray Detectors

First constraints on the AGN X-ray luminosity function at z ~ 6 from an eROSITA-detected quasar

A Lead-Free I-Based Hybrid Double Perovskite (I-C4H8NH3)4AgBiI8 for X-ray Detection

Development of CuI:Cl-PS composite scintillator

Contaminant detection in non-destructive testing using a CZT photon-counting detector

Monolayer-to-Multilayer Dimensionality Reconstruction in Hybrid Perovskite for Exploring Bulk Photovoltaic Effect Enables Passive X-ray Detection.

Removal performance of faecal indicators by natural and silver-modified zeolites under dynamic batch experiments

High-performance single crystal CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite x-ray detector

Metal Halide Perovskites for X-Ray Detection and Imaging

Low Temperature and Short Time Au/Sn Solid-liquid Diffusion Bonding for 3D Integration

Highly Efficient Copper Halide Scintillators for High-Performance and Dynamic X-ray Imaging

Radiochromic Hydrogen-Bonded Organic Frameworks for X-Ray Detection.

Development of ultrasound assisted dispersive micro solid phase extraction based on CuO nanoplate-polyaniline composite as a new sorbent for insecticides analysis in wheat samples

Field Emission and X-Ray Effect on Half-Wave Resonator (HWR) Superconducting Cavity Performance

Hidden Treasures in the Unknown 3CR Extragalactic Radio Sky: A Multiwavelength Approach

Research on Properties of X-Ray Detection Film Based on Thallium Doped Cesium Iodide

Highly Luminescent Metal-Free Perovskite Single Crystal for Biocompatible X-Ray Detector to Attain Highest Sensitivity.

Towards a larger sample of radio jets from quiescent black hole X-ray binaries

Demonstration of Energy-Resolved γ-Ray Detection at Room Temperature by the CsPbCl3 Perovskite Semiconductor.

Triple-Cation and Mixed-Halide Perovskite Single Crystal for High-Performance X-ray Imaging.

Sequential Growth of 2D/3D Double-Layer Perovskite Films with Superior X-Ray Detection Performance.

Guanidinium cation doped (Gua)x(MA)1−xPbI3 single crystal for high performance X-ray detector

Large-area TaN superconducting microwire single photon detectors for X-ray detection.

Effects of aging and transformation of Fe(III)-precipitates on the retention of co-precipitated phosphate

Towards superior X-ray detection performance of two-dimensional halide perovskite crystals by adjusting the anisotropic transport behavior

High sensitivity x-ray detectors based on 4H-SiC p-i-n structure with 80 μm thick intrinsic layer

Large-area CdZnTe thick film based array X-ray detector

Elimination of Interfacial-electrochemical-reaction-induced Polarization in Perovskite Single Crystals for Ultra-sensitive and Stable X-ray Detector Arrays.

Lead-free halide perovskite Cs3Bi2Br9 single crystals for high-performance X-ray detection

A prehistoric jade axe from Galicia (Northwestern Iberia): Researching its origin

The influence of Sc substitution on the crystal structure and scintillation properties of LuBO3:Ce3+ based on a combinatorial materials chip and high-throughput XRD

Pixellated Perovskite Photodiode on IGZO Thin Film Transistor Backplane for Low Dose Indirect X-Ray Detection

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