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When does ostracism lead to turnover intention? The moderated mediation model of job stress and job autonomy

Leadership styles and workplace ostracism among frontline employees

Contrasting Effects of “External” Worker’s Proactive Behavior on Their Turnover Intention: A Moderated Mediation Model

Workplace ostracism, Syrian migrant workers’ counterproductive work behaviors, and acculturation: Evidence from Turkey

Modelling of emotional exhaustion role on workplace ostracism: A cross-sectional study on Sepah Bank branches in northern provinces of Iran

Making of rebel talent through workplace ostracism: A moderated-mediation model involving emotional intelligence, organizational conflict and knowledge sharing behavior

Abusive Supervision Climate and Turnover Intention: Is It My Coworkers or My Supervisor Ostracizing Me?

The mediating role of psychological distress between ostracism, work engagement, and turnover intentions: An analysis in the Cypriot hospitality context

Workplace ostracism and feedback-seeking behavior: a resource-based perspective

From curse to cure of workplace ostracism: A systematic review and future research agenda

The mediating effect of interpersonal distrust on the relationship between perceived organizational politics and workplace ostracism in higher education institutions

Effect of Personality Characteristics on Workplace Ostracism: Role of Employee Popularity and Emotional Intelligence- An Evidence from Telecomm Industry of Pakistan

Workplace ostracism, paranoid employees and service performance: a multilevel investigation

Does organizational cronyism undermine social capital? Testing the mediating role of workplace ostracism and the moderating role of workplace incivility

Linking workplace ostracism to turnover intention: A moderated mediation approach

Leader’s Ostracism Predicts Subordinates’ Deviant Behaviors via Emotional Dissonance and Well-being

Effect of coworker ostracism on newcomer socialization: A self-control perspective

Consequences of Workplace Ostracism: A Meta-Analytic Review

Will I speak up or remain silent? Workplace ostracism and employee performance based on self-control perspective.

Exploring the Invisible Pain of Workplace Ostracism: Its Outcomes & Coping Mechanism

The Effects of Leaders’ Prosocial Orientation on Employees’ Organizational Citizenship Behavior – The Roles of Affective Commitment and Workplace Ostracism

Coping with workplace ostracism through ability-based emotional intelligence

The knowledge hiding loop: exploring the boundary conditions

Leadership Ostracism Behaviors From the Target’s Perspective: A Content and Behavioral Typology Model Derived From Interviews With Chinese Employees

Are They Isolating Me? The Influence of Workplace Ostracism on Employees’ Turnover Tendency

Workplace ostracism and job performance: Meaning at work and family support as moderators

The relationship between being envied and workplace ostracism: The moderating role of neuroticism and the need to belong

Impact of workplace ostracism on unethical pro-organizational behaviors

Can mindfulness overcome the effects of workplace ostracism on job performance?

The effect of ruminative thought style and workplace ostracism on turnover intention of hotel employees: The mediating effect of organizational identification

A moderated mediation model of workplace ostracism and task performance

The Linkage Between Workplace Ostracism and Proactive Customer Service Performance in Pakistani Banking Industry: (A Conservation of Resource and Job Embeddedness Perspective)

Needs frustration makes me silent: Workplace ostracism and newcomers’ voice behavior

The Relationship Between Workplace Ostracism and Sleep Quality: A Mediated Moderation Model

Mitigating effect of perceived organizational support on stress in the presence of workplace ostracism in the Pakistani nursing sector

When workplace ostracism leads to burnout: the roles of job self-determination and future time orientation

Effects of Workplace Ostracism on Family Social Support: A Moderated Mediation Model

Failing to Be Family-Supportive: Implications for Supervisors

Workplace Ostracism and Knowledge Hiding: The Mediating Role of Job Tension

Workplace ostracism and employee creativity: role of defensive silence and psychological empowerment

The antecedents and outcomes of workplace ostracism: A meta-analysis.

Outcomes of workplace ostracism among restaurant employees

Collaborative effect of workplace ostracism and self-efficacy versus job stress

The moderating effect of leader member exchange on the relationship between workplace ostracism and psychological distress

The cost of being ignored: Emotional exhaustion in the work and family domains.

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Workplace Ostracism 직장에서의 배척

Workplace Ostracism 직장에서의 배척
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