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Tailoring strength and plasticity of Ag/Nb nanolaminates via intrinsic microstructure and extrinsic dimension

Twinning and Detwinning Behaviors of Commercially Pure Titanium Sheets

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Effect of grain size on the tensile behavior of V10Cr15Mn5Fe35Co10Ni25 high entropy alloy

Deformation behavior and tensile properties of an austenitic Fe-24Mn-4Cr-0.5C high-manganese steel: Effect of grain size

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Influences of pre-precipitated δ phase on microstructures and hot compressive deformation features of a nickel-based superalloy

The study of hydrogen embrittlement of 12Cr2Mo1R(H) steel by slow strain rate test with in situ hydrogen charging

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Effects of Grain Size, Thickness and Tensile Direction on Ductility of Pure Titanium Sheet

Enhancing Strain Capacity by the Introduction of Pearlite in Bainite and Polygonal Ferrite Dual-Phase Pipeline Steel

A multiscale constitutive model coupled with martensitic transformation kinetics for micro-scaled plastic deformation of metastable metal foils

Effect of processing by high temperature Ex-ECAP on the microstructure, work hardening behavior and electrochemical properties of Ti-Nb microalloyed steel

Study on hot deformation behavior and strengthening mechanism of Inconel 625 deposited metal at high temperature

Design of ultrastrong but ductile medium-entropy alloy with controlled precipitations and heterogeneous grain structures

Investigation of work hardening behavior in multilayered steels architected by twinning induced plasticity steel and martensitic steel during uniaxial tension

Remarkable strength of a non-equiatomic Co29Cr29Fe29Ni12.5W0.5 high-entropy alloy at cryogenic temperatures

Behavior of ECC columns confined using steel wire mesh under axial loading

Micro-asperity Contact Area considering Strain Hardening for Metallic Materials

Development of Zr-based metallic glass matrix composites with hybrid reinforcing structures

Low temperature macro- and micro-mechanical behavior of an ultrafine-grained metastable 304 austenitic stainless steel investigated by in situ high-energy X-ray diffraction

Influence of Nb addition on microstructural evolution and compression mechanical properties of Ti-Zr alloys

Multi-pass scratch test on pearlitic steel: Phase identification and crystallographic orientation analysis of the sub-surface layers

The carbides, tensile properties, and work-hardening behavior of annealed H13 die steels with varied yttrium contents

Microstructure and Work Hardening Behavior of Micro-plasma Arc Welded AISI 316L Sheet Joint

Influence of pre-tempering treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties in quenching and partitioning steels with ferrite-martensite start structure

Plastic Deformation Modeling of Foam-Filled Tubes with Multi-Layer Foams During Compression Loading

Modeling of lüders elongation and work hardening behaviors of ferrite-pearlite dual phase steels under tension

Quasi-in-situ analysis of dependency of deformation mechanism and work-hardening behavior on texture in Mg-2Zn-0.1Ca alloy

Activity of basal slip and detwinning on microstructure evolution and compressive flow behavior in a texture bonding Mg alloy

Microstructural evolution and tensile properties of 70 GPa·% grade strong and ductile hot-rolled 6Mn steel treated by intercritical annealing

A microstructural based constitutive approach for simulating hot deformation of Ti6Al4V alloy in the α + β phase region

Hot deformation behavior and workability characteristic of a fine-grained Mg-8Sn-2Zn-2Al alloy with processing map

Deformation Behavior of a Double Soaked Medium Manganese Steel with Varied Martensite Strength

Cold-rolling performance of non-equilibrium martensitic stainless steel produced by laser-arc hybrid welding

Experiment on properties differentiation in tailor rolled blank of dual phase steel

Neural network modeling for anisotropic mechanical properties and work hardening behavior of Inconel 718 alloy at elevated temperatures

Effect of friction stir processing on microstructure and work hardening behavior of reduced activation ferritic/martensitic steel

Microstructural dependence of strength and ductility in a novel high strength β titanium alloy with Bi-modal structure

The softening factor cb of commercial titanium alloy wires

Tensile flow and work hardening behavior of reduced activation ferritic martensitic steel subjected to thermo-mechanical treatment

Anomalous recovery of work hardening rate in Cu-Mn alloys with high stacking fault energies under uniaxial compression

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Work Hardening Behavior 작업 경화 행동

Work Hardening Behavior 작업 경화 행동
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