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Word Predictability sentence examples within word predictability effect

Frequency and predictability effects in first and second language of different script bilinguals.

Older adults make greater use of word predictability in Chinese reading.

Robust effects of working memory demand during naturalistic language comprehension in language-selective cortex

Better, Funner, Stronger: A Gameful Approach to Nudge People into Making Less Predictable Graphical Password Choices

Context-Based Facilitation of Semantic Access Follows Both Logarithmic and Linear Functions of Stimulus Probability

Individual Differences in Reading Speed are Linked to Variability in the Processing of Lexical and Contextual Information: Evidence from Single-trial Event-related Brain Potentials

The interaction between structure and meaning in sentence comprehension: Recurrent neural networks and reading times

Contextual predictability and phonetic attention

Distinguishing integration and prediction accounts of ERP N400 modulations in language processing through experimental design

Linguistic processes do not beat visuo-motor constraints, but they modulate where the eyes move regardless of word boundaries: Evidence against top-down word-based eye-movement control during reading

Dissociable effects of prediction and integration during language comprehension: evidence from a large-scale study using brain potentials

Language ERPs reflect learning through prediction error propagation

The Relation between Alpha/Beta Oscillations and the Encoding of Sentence induced Contextual Information

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Word Predictability 단어 예측 가능성

Word Predictability 단어 예측 가능성
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