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[Water aerobics as a means for the prenatal correction in the case of breech presentation of the fetus].

Comparative Efficacy between Intravenous Iron and Oral Iron on Enhancing Hemoglobin Level among Pregnant Women with Iron Deficiency Anemia in Low and Middle Income Countries: A Meta-Analysis

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BFHI News Brief: News From the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative Network

BFHI News Brief: News From the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative Network

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Productivity loss due to menstruation-related symptoms: a nationwide cross-sectional survey among 32 748 women

A reflection on the coping strategies of abused female breadwinners in marriage

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Assessment of the healthy worker survivor effect in the relationship between psychosocial work-related factors and hypertension

Increasing the perceived relevance of cervical screening in older women who do not plan to attend screening

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Sessualità, riproduzione e costruzione di soggettività femminili “moderne” nelle scuole di Mekelle (Tigray-Etiopia)

BFHI News Brief: News From the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative Network

Women on Hormone Therapy with Ischemic Stroke, Effects on Deficits and Recovery

Do Adults Draw Differently-Sized Meals on Larger or Smaller Plates? Examining Plate Size in a Community Sample.

Progestogen for preventing miscarriage in women with recurrent miscarriage of unclear etiology.

Associations Between Specific Mindfulness Facets, Self-Compassion, Internally Motivated Drinking, and Alcohol-Related Problems

A randomized controlled trial comparing early versus late oral feeding after cesarean section under regional anesthesia

Prologue: Orchestrating A Cast of Thousands

Pergeseran Makna Perceraian Bagi Perempuan Pada Masyarakat Aceh Barat

Perinatal deaths after sildenafil treatment of fetal growth restriction raise the issue of safety in randomised clinical trials

“A woman CEO? You’d better think twice!”: Exploring career challenges of women CEOs at multinational corporations in South Korea

The Image of Women as Reflected in Somali Proverbs: A Feminist Analysis in the Case of Shinile Zone

18 Examining women’s perceptions of maternity care in public and private sectors of national guard hospitals in saudi arabia: a qualitative study

Comparison of Dinoprostone and Oxytocin for the Induction of Labor in Late-Term Pregnancy and the Rate of Cesarean Section: A Retrospective Study in Ten Centers in South China

Immunotherapy for HPV associated cancer

Optimizing antenatal corticosteroid therapy for improving outcome of premature infants

Comorbidities, age and period of diagnosis influence treatment and outcomes in early breast cancer

Opioid use disorder in pregnancy

Cervical Cerclage versus Vaginal Progesterone for Management of Short Cervix in Low‐Risk Women

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Responsive Proteins and Reduction in Breast Density in Obese Postmenopausal Women.

A Pill in the Lifeworld of Women in Burkina Faso: Can Misoprostol Reframe the Meaning of Abortion

Association between pre-diagnosis BMI, physical activity, pathologic complete response, and chemotherapy completion in women treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer

Dexlansoprazole and Esomeprazole Do Not Affect Bone Homeostasis in Healthy Postmenopausal Women.

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Women Give 여자는 준다

Women Give 여자는 준다
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