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Assessing Patient Acceptance of Integrating Oral Care with Prenatal Care in a Safety Net Clinic

Influence of hypothyroidism during pregnancy on pregnancy outcomes

Obstetric Violence as Reproductive Governance in the Dominican Republic

Using an observation tool (Parent–Infant Interaction Observation Scale) to assess parent–infant interaction in the first 2 weeks of life: A feasibility study

Sexualıty and marıtal adjustment ın women wıth hypertensıon ın Turkey: how culture affects sex

Evaluation of Different Ultrasonographic Modalities in the Diagnosis of Morbidly Adherent Placenta: A Cross-Sectional Study

Knowledge, Perceptions, and Satisfaction of Moroccan Women Towards a New Breast Cancer Screening Program in Morocco

No increased risk of relapse of breast cancer for women who give birth after assisted conception

P334 Acceptance of contraceptive vaginal ring among women with bacterial vaginosis and their male partners in kenya

Do single women ever want to be married? A quantitative survey of single women perceptin of marriage in North-Central Nigeria

Acceptability and outcomes of distributing HIV self-tests for male partner testing in Kenyan maternal and child health and family planning clinics.

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Subordination of women and patriarchal gender relations at Islamic poor community

Gender Differences in the Experience of Infertility Concerning Polish Couples: Preliminary Research

Teenage Marriages and Induced Abortion among Women of Reproductive Age Group (15-49 Years) Residing in an Urbanized Village of Delhi


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Women Accept 여자 수락

Women Accept 여자 수락
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