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Within Groups sentence examples within signed rank test

Comparing Two Commercially Available Diabetes Apps to Explore Challenges in User Engagement: Randomized Controlled Feasibility Study

Effectiveness of D,L-2-hydroxyisocaproic acid (HICA) and alpha-mangostin against endodontopathogenic microorganisms in a multi-species bacterial-fungal biofilm in an ex vivo tooth model.

Within Groups sentence examples within p ≤ 0

A Randomized, Triple-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Crossover Study to Investigate the Efficacy of a Single Dose of AlphaWave®l-Theanine on Stress in a Healthy Adult Population

Effect of inspiratory muscle training on dyspnea-related kinesiophobia in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A randomized controlled trial.

Within Groups sentence examples within pairwise relatedness among

Genetic relatedness in social groups of the emerald coral goby Paragobiodon xanthosoma creates potential for weak kin selection

Within Groups sentence examples within p value 0

Effectiveness of cardiac telerehabilitation with relapse prevention compared to centre-based cardiac rehabilitation: results from the SmartCare-CAD randomised controlled trial

Within Groups sentence examples within social comparison emotion

Changes in workplace practices during the COVID-19 pandemic: the roles of emotion, psychological safety and organisation support

Within Groups sentence examples within Difference Within Groups

Trueness and Precision of Three Different Scanners for Digitizing a Completely Edentulous Gypsum Model

Nurse and Nursing Students’ Opinions and Perceptions of Enteral Nutrition by Nasogastric Tube in Palliative Care

Within Groups sentence examples within Individual Within Groups

Social status and previous experience in the group as predictors of welfare of sows housed in large semi-static groups

Collective detection based on visual information in animal groups

Within Groups sentence examples within Comparison Within Groups

Influence of different reciprocating systems on the apical extrusion of debris in flat-oval canals

Testing the effectiveness of Community-Based Continuous Training Project on Improving the Domains of Birth Preparedness and Complication Readiness Intention Among Expecting Couples in Rural Settings of Rukwa Tanzania, A Controlled Quasi Experimental Study

Within Groups sentence examples within Score Within Groups

64. Impact of depression on patient reported outcomes following primary vs revision ACDF

Utilization of a Mirror During Pelvic Examinations: Does it Improve the Patient’s Experience?

Within Groups sentence examples within Compared Within Groups

Behavior of Children During Dental Care With Rubber Dam or Cotton Roll Isolation, A Randomized Study

Contribution of Audiogram Classification in Evaluating Vestibular Dysfunction in Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss With Vertigo

Within Groups sentence examples within Change Within Groups

Effectiveness of sustained natural apophyseal glides in females with cervicogenic headache: A randomized controlled trial.

Changes in Honeybee Behavior Parameters under the Influence of the E-Field at 50 Hz and Variable Intensity

Within Groups sentence examples within Variation Within Groups

Strategic traits of bacteria and archaea vary widely within substrate use groups.

Variation and Stability in Agronomic Traits Among Geographic Groups of Traditional Landraces Grown Under High Yielding Conditions

Within Groups sentence examples within Heterogeneity Within Groups

An Empirical Study of the Influence of Empathy on Cooperative Learning from the Perspective of Social Network Analysis

Understanding the complexity of socioeconomic disparities in smoking prevalence in Sweden: a cross-sectional study applying intersectionality theory

Within Groups sentence examples within Cooperation Within Groups

Repeated Interaction and Its Impact on Cooperation and Surplus Allocation - An Experimental Analysis

Attractiveness of female sexual signaling predicts differences in female grouping patterns between bonobos and chimpanzees

Within Groups sentence examples within Observed Within Groups

Effects of aging on the skin and gill microbiota of farmed seabass and seabream

Do I Know You? The Role of Culture in Racial Essentialism and Facial Recognition Memory

Within Groups sentence examples within Relationship Within Groups

Social network changes during the development of immature capuchin monkeys (Sapajus spp.).

Characterizing and quantifying the temporal relationship between structural and functional change in glaucoma

Within Groups sentence examples within Homogeneity Within Groups

Decomposing changes in income polarization by population group: what happened during the crisis?

Sources of nonreplicability in aging ethnoracial health disparities research.

Within Groups sentence examples within Diversity Within Groups

Balanced imitation sustains song culture in zebra finches

Contextual factors that shape uptake of COVID-19 preventive measures by persons of Ghanaian and Eritrean origin in the Netherlands: A focus group study

Within Groups sentence examples within Cohesion Within Groups

Can an Agency Role-Reversal Lead to an Organizational Collapse?; A Study Proposal

The use of Australian SMART Recovery groups by people who use methamphetamine: Analysis of routinely-collected nationwide data.

Within Groups sentence examples within Also Within Groups

Periodontal Measurement on Digital Images Reveals Risk of Overestimation in Clinical Periodontal Probing in Periodontitis Patients

Understanding the dynamics of inequity in collective bargaining: evidence from Australia, Canada, Denmark and France

Within Groups sentence examples within Test Within Groups

Changes in levels of cartilage oligomeric proteinase and urinary C-terminal telopeptide of type II collagen in subjects with knee osteoarthritis after dextrose prolotherapy: A randomized controlled trial.

Effectiveness of Multimodal Glossing Reading Program on English Vocabulary Acquisition

Within Groups sentence examples within Greater Within Groups

Multidimensional and Intersectional Gender Identity and Sexual Attraction Patterns of Adolescents for Quantitative Research

Inequalities in the distribution of National Institutes of Health research project grant funding

Within Groups sentence examples within Variance Within Groups

Trajectory clustering using mixed classification models.

Measuring attitudes of those caring for people living with dementia: A quantitative survey

Within Groups sentence examples within Cluster Within Groups

Patterns of female social relationships in a primate with female-biased dispersal

Methodical Approaches to Estimate Hotel Facilities’ Efficiency

Within Groups sentence examples within Interaction Within Groups

Wireless multilateral devices for optogenetic studies of individual and social behaviors.

Building Social Capital to Foster Interprofessional Education: The Interprofessional Educator Academy.

Within Groups sentence examples within Significant Within Groups

Post-Stroke Depression and Its Effect on Functional Outcomes during Inpatient Rehabilitation

Effect of flaxseed oil supplementation on anthropometric and metabolic indices in patients with coronary artery disease: A double-blinded randomized controlled trial

Within Groups sentence examples within Existed Within Groups

Stability of personality traits in bipolar disorder: Findings from a longitudinal cohort: Personality and bipolar disorder.

No evidence for an effect of Wolbachia on mtDNA variation and evolution in natural populations of Sesamia inferens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Within Groups sentence examples within Value Within Groups

Children With Autism Exhibit More Individualized Responses to Live Animation Biofeedback Than Do Typically Developing Children


Within Groups sentence examples within Even Within Groups

Prognostic Significance of Stratification Using Pathological Stage and Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Diverse telomeres in trypanosomatids

Within Groups sentence examples within Behavior Within Groups

Direct and indirect reciprocity among individuals and groups.

Diagnosing Norms Surrounding Sexual Harassment at a Jordanian University

Within Groups sentence examples within Baseline Within Groups

Effects of Patient-Initiated Visits on Patient Satisfaction and Clinical Outcomes in a Type 1 Diabetes Outpatient Clinic: A 2-Year Randomized Controlled Study

Blood pressure lowering with alcohol-mediated renal denervation using the Peregrine infusion Catheter is independent of injection site location.

Within Groups sentence examples within Time Within Groups

Neutral Effect of Increased Dairy Product Intake, as Part of a Lifestyle Modification Program, on Cardiometabolic Health in Adolescent Girls With Overweight/Obesity: A Secondary Analysis From a Randomized Controlled Trial

The synchronicity of COVID-19 disparities: Statewide epidemiologic trends in SARS-CoV-2 morbidity, hospitalization, and mortality among racial minorities and in rural America

Within Groups sentence examples within Inequality Within Groups

The Unceasing Significance of Colorism: Skin Tone Stratification in the United States

Investigating the Spatiotemporal Disparity and Influencing Factors of Urban Construction Land Utilization Efficiency: Empirical Evidence from Panel Data of China

Within Groups sentence examples within Strength Within Groups

Micro-push-out bond strength of Mineral—based root canal sealer in canals with different tapers.

The Effects of Unilateral versus Bilateral Resistance Training on Bilateral Deficit, Unilateral and Bilateral Strength Adaptation among Trained Men

Within Groups sentence examples within Result Within Groups

Effects of PMS50 supplementation on psychological symptoms of students with premenstrual syndrome.

The Effect of Superimposed Effect of Proprioceptive Sensory Stimulation Taping (Elastic Taping) and PNF on Function Improvement and Stiffness Reduction in Neurological Injury

Within Groups sentence examples within Correlation Within Groups

A multigroup framework for fault detection and diagnosis in large-scale multivariate systems

Health surveillance of a potential bridge host: pathogen exposure risks posed to avian populations augmented with captive-bred pheasants.

Within Groups sentence examples within Member Within Groups

Statistical model and testing designs to increase response to selection with constrained inbreeding in genomic breeding programs for pigs affected by social genetic effects

Group Target Tracking Based on MS-MeMBer Filters

Within Groups sentence examples within Similar Within Groups

Effect of Low-Intensity Endurance Training and High-Intensity Interval Training on Sperm Quality in Male Rats with Fatty Liver

Financial clusters, industry groups, and stock return correlations

Within Groups sentence examples within Osat Within Groups

O43 Virtual: virtual interactive surgical skills classroom: a randomized controlled trial (protocol)

V12 VIRTUAL: Virtual InteRacTive sUrgicAl skiLls classroom – A Randomized Controlled Trial Proposal

Within Groups sentence examples within Decrease Within Groups

Influence of different training methods on cardiovascular disease risk markers after cessation of anabolic steroids abuse in bodybuilders at risk

Effect of androgen deprivation therapy on serum levels of sclerostin, Dickkopf-1, and osteoprotegerin: a cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis

Within Groups sentence examples within Learning Within Groups


Building Collaboration With Adjunct Faculty

Within Groups sentence examples within within groups defined

Cardiovascular risk factors early in the course of treatment in people with type 2 diabetes without established cardiovascular disease: a population-based observational retrospective cohort study.

Heat Generation and Temperature Control during Bone Drilling for Orthodontic Mini-Implants: An In Vitro Study

Within Groups sentence examples within within groups showed

Racialization and Psychological Distress among U.S. Latinxs

Reduction of extrinsic tooth stain by a toothpaste containing 10% high cleaning silica, 0.5% sodium phytate and 0.5% sodium pyrophosphate: an 8-week randomised clinical trial

Within Groups sentence examples within within groups comparison

Impact of cardiovascular risk factors in vascular remodelling of pregnant women

Comparing the effectiveness of vitamin D plus iron vs vitamin D on depression scores in anemic females: Randomized triple-masked trial

Within Groups sentence examples within within groups acros

Journeys towards sociomathematical norms in the Foundation Phase

NODDI highlights recovery mechanisms in white and gray matter in ischemic stroke following human stem cell treatment.

Within Groups sentence examples within within groups 1

Molecular profiling of pediatric meningiomas shows tumor characteristics distinct from adult meningiomas

Molecular Main Group Metal Hydrides.

Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Based Approaches for Face Detection and Recognition

More Within Groups 그룹 내 sentence examples

Sanctioning and Trustworthiness across Ethnic Groups: Experimental Evidence from Afghanistan

The Distribution and Origins of Pyrus hopeiensis-“Wild Plant With Tiny Population” Using Whole Genome Resequencing

Category learning in autism: Are some situations better than others?

More Within Groups 그룹 내 sentence examples

Effects of family participatory dignity therapy on the psychological well-being and family function of patients with haematologic malignancies and their family caregivers: A randomised controlled trial.

A comparative study of eating behaviours within and between conventional metabolic (bariatric) surgery procedures.

The effect of coating chitosan on Porphyromonas gingivalis biofilm formation in the surface of orthodontic mini-implant

P665 Cardiovascular risk profile in chronic auto-inflammatory diseases: a cross-sectional single center study

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