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Changes in electrolyte concentrations alter the impedance during ischemia-reperfusion injury in rat brain.

MRI of Whole Rat Brain Perivascular Network Reveals Role for Ventricles in Brain Waste Clearance

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Controlling Information Diffusion with Irrational Users

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MacWilliams Identities for Probabilistic Weight Distribution of Polar Codes

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Robot technology for future welfare: meeting upcoming societal challenges – an outlook with offset in the development in Scandinavia

Systems Bioinformatics: increasing precision of computational diagnostics and therapeutics through network-based approaches

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Should living donor liver transplant selection be subject to the same restrictions as deceased donor transplant?

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Editorial Comment: Diabetes Is a Risk Factor for Inflatable Penile Prosthesis Infection: Analysis of a Large Statewide Database

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Histopathologic False-positive Diagnoses of Prostate Cancer in the Age of Immunohistochemistry

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Magnetic hybrid gels for emulsified oil adsorption: an overview of their potential to solve environmental problems associated to petroleum spills

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Multiscale Vascular Enhancement Filter Applied to In Vivo Morphologic and Functional Photoacoustic Imaging of Rat Ocular Vasculature

Adaptive Local Low-rank Matrix Approximation for Recommendation

Heme oxygenase-1 induction by hemin prevents oxidative stress-induced acute cholestasis in the rat.

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The European refugee crisis in Europe and multicultural integration

Collective Motion in the Interfacial and Interior Regions of Supported Polymer Films and Its Relation to Relaxation.

Investigating Consumer Preferences for Production Process Labeling Using Visual Attention Data

The role of dietary factors in inflammatory bowel diseases: New perspectives

Assessing the robustness of Antarctic temperature reconstructions over the past 2 millennia using pseudoproxy and data assimilation experiments

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Social cognitive drivers of farmer learning behaviour in the student-to-farmer university outreach in Uganda

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Anticipation in entrepreneurship

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Investigation of the Effect of Natural Gas Injection Timing on Dual-Fuel Engine Emissions Using Split Injection Strategies

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Quaternion-based weighted nuclear norm minimization for color image denoising

Moda Tasarımcısı Issey Mıyake’nin Koleksiyonlarının Tasarım Ögeleri Bakımından İncelenmesi

Contract Law Aspects of Sustainable Companies’ Certification in the Global Value Chain

Explicit order 3/2 Runge-Kutta method for numerical solutions of stochastic differential equations by using Itô-Taylor expansion

Cartographie descriptive du système national français du financement de la recherche sur projet en vue de son évaluation

Removal of Rhodamine B (A Basic Dye) and Acid Yellow 17 (An Acidic Dye) from Aqueous Solutions by Ordered Mesoporous Carbon and Commercial Activated Carbon

Temporary appropriation of public space as an emergence assemblage for the future urban landscape: the case of Mexico City

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Acute Toxic Injuries of Rat’s Visceral Tissues Induced by Different Oximes

Effect of Adherence to Mediterranean Diet during Pregnancy on Children’s Health: A Systematic Review

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