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Complete plastome of a subtropical tree Eriobotrya malipoensis (Rosaceae) in Yunnan

The plastid genome of a tropical tree Alseodaphne petiolaris (Lauraceae)

Can we use it? On the utility of de novo and reference-based assembly of Nanopore data for plant plastome sequencing

Eriobotrya Belongs to Rhaphiolepis (Maleae, Rosaceae): Evidence From Chloroplast Genome and Nuclear Ribosomal DNA Data

Interspecific delimitation and relationships among four Ostrya species based on plastomes

The plastomes of Astrocaryum aculeatum G. Mey. and A. murumuru Mart. show a flip-flop recombination between two short inverted repeats

Prevalence of isomeric plastomes and effectiveness of plastome super-barcodes in yews (Taxus) worldwide

The complete plastome of Bennettiodendron brevipes

Characterization of the whole plastome of Dipentodon Sinicus (Dipentodontaceae)

Characterization of the complete chloroplast genome of Linnaea borealis, a rare, clonal self-incompatible plant

Phylogenomic analyses of the Photinia complex support the recognition of a new genus Phippsiomeles and the resurrection of a redefined Stranvaesia in Maleae (Rosaceae)

Characterization of the Chloroplast Genome of Trentepohlia odorata (Trentepohliales, Chlorophyta), and Discussion of its Taxonomy

Whole Plastome Sequences of Two Drug‐Type Cannabis: Insights Into the Use of Plastid in Forensic Analyses

Plastome phylogenomics, biogeography, and clade diversification of Paris (Melanthiaceae)

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Whole Plastome 전체 플라스토메

Whole Plastome 전체 플라스토메
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