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New data on sarcoidosis in Poland.

Prevalence of sensory impairments, physical and intellectual disabilities, and mental health in children and young people with self/proxy-reported autism: Observational study of a whole country population

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General health of adults with autism spectrum disorders – A whole country population cross-sectional study

The prevalence and general health status of people with intellectual disabilities and autism co‐occurring together: a total population study

�?�时性自适应高维�?济基本�?�建模与汇率预测分�? (Real Time High Dimensional Adaptive Economic Basics Modeling with Application in Exchange Rate Forecasting)

Reply to: Modified cesarean hysterectomy technique for management of cases of placenta increta and percreta at a tertiary referral hospital in Egypt

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External Image of the Viticultural Towns Located at the Foot of Little Carpathians

Перспективы развития комбикормового производства в России на основе совершенствования ресурсного обеспечения

An Updated Dose Assessment for Late Jute Seed Production

The system of values of paediatricians, paediatricians-in-training, and medical students

Land Cover and Land Use Monitoring Based on Satellite Data within World Bank Project

Türkiye’nin Su Potansiyelinin Belirlenmesinde Yeni Bir Yaklaşım (A New Approach for Determining the Water Potential of Turkey)

The elusive quest for balanced regional growth from Barlow to Brexit: Lessons from partitioning regional employment growth in Great Britain

Reprint of “A review on ancient urban stream management for flood mitigation in the capital of the Joseon Dynasty, Korea”

What, when and where of petitions submitted to the UK government during a time of chaos

Determinants and causes of maternal mortality in Iran based on ICD-MM: a systematic review

Limited effects of the comprehensive pricing healthcare reform in China.

Strategic Research on Stimulating the Overall Vitality of College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Teflon effect of political power: when criminal charges do not stick

Analysis on impact factors of health literacy among female residents among 15–69 years-old in Huai’an

Student Activity and Sport Study Ireland: Protocol for a Web-Based Survey and Environmental Audit Tool for Assessing the Impact of Multiple Factors on University Students’ Physical Activity

Forecasting of electricity demand in the region

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From solid waste management towards the circular economy and digital driven symbiosis

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Field Fungal Diversity in Freshly Harvested Maize

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Batch and data streaming classification models for detecting adverse events and understanding the influencing factors

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Spatio-temporal assessment of nocturnal surface ozone in Malaysia

Urban Vibes and Rural Charms: Analysis of Geographic Diversity in Mobile Service Usage at National Scale

Trans-provincial health impacts of atmospheric mercury emissions in China

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Investigation on fluoride content of brick tea

The implementation results of safe bicycle transport in Taipei City

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New and Noteworthy Bryophyte Records from Croatia

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Assessment of the doses to the population of the regions of Russia from exposure to the cosmic radiation

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Harmonization of Pharmacovigilance Regulation in Brazil: Opportunities to Improve Risk Communication.

Investment Policy Development and Problems in Latvia

Initial regional evaluation of the Cystic Fibrosis Newborn Screening Program: data from the Mediterranean coast of Turkey**

Developing a Public Health Monitoring System in a War-torn Region: A Field Report From Iraqi Kurdistan

Karaçam (Pinus nigra) Türünün Verimlilik Ve Dağılım Özellikleri Üzerine Ekolojik Değerlendirmeler: Isparta-Yenişarbademli Örneği

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Capripoxviruses: Exploring the genetic relatedness between field and vaccine strains from Egypt

Practices of patients consuming antibiotics and knowledge about antibiotic resistance in Hail region – Saudi Arabia

Flood Frequency Analysis of Niandan River at Baro, Nigeria

Economic and health burden of brucellosis in Kazakhstan

Recognizing Landscapes for the Purpose of Sustainable Development—Experiences from Poland

Study on the Way to Improve the Teaching Level of Bilingual Teachers in Remote Areas of Southern Xinjiang

Implications of marketing Jordan as a Halal tourism destination


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Transformation of Mekong Delta Economic Growth Model Adaptation to Climate Change: The Situation and Solutions

Designing a coherent land registration system for rural Portugal

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Minimizing energy consumption for artificial lighting in a typical classroom of a Hellenic public school aiming for near Zero Energy Building using LED DC luminaires and daylight harvesting systems

A small-scale map analysis of the engineering-geological zone and landscape element dependencies for the land-use planning purposes in the Czech Republic

Lyme disease in Poland in 2017

A pioneer of modern Chinese Physiology: Dr. Robert Kho-Seng Lim

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Digitalization and Visual Platform Build-up of Traditional Handicraft Culture in Jiangsu Province

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