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Whole-Body Cryotherapy Increases the Activity of Nitric Oxide Synthase in Older Men

Ocena wpływu zabiegów krioterapii ogólnoustrojowej na wybrane wskaźniki skóry pacjenta z atopowym zapaleniem skóry (AZS)

Evaluation of the influence of whole-body cryotherapy on selected skin parameters in healthy individuals: Pilot Study.

Changes in the Allostatic Response to Whole-Body Cryotherapy and Static-Stretching Exercises in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients vs. Healthy Individuals

The use of whole-body cryotherapy for increasing the stress resistance of female athletes in group types of gymnastics

Orthopaedic Application of Cryotherapy: A Comprehensive Review of the History, Basic Science, Methods, and Clinical Effectiveness.

The improvement of cognitive deficits after whole-body cryotherapy – A randomised controlled trial

Post-exercise Heart Rate Variability: Whole-body Cryotherapy vs. Contrast Water Therapy.

Evaluation of the Impact of the Whole-body Cryotherapy Treatment on the Functional Condition of the Knee Joints in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Sclerostin and bone remodeling biomarkers responses to whole-body cryotherapy (− 110 °C) in healthy young men with different physical fitness levels

Serial whole-body cryotherapy in fibromyalgia is effective and alters cytokine profiles

The cold truth: the role of cryotherapy in the treatment of injury and recovery from exercise.

Effect of Whole-Body Cryotherapy on Morphological, Rheological and Biochemical Indices of Blood in People with Multiple Sclerosis

Blood pro-oxidant/antioxidant balance in young men with class II obesity after 20 sessions of whole body cryostimulation: a preliminary study

Beneficial effects of whole-body cryotherapy on glucose homeostasis and amino acid profile are associated with a reduced myostatin serum concentration

Effect of alterations in whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) exposure on post-match recovery markers in elite Premier League soccer players

3-min whole body cryotherapy/cryostimulation after training in the evening improves sleep quality in physically active men

What everybody should know about whole-body cryotherapy/cryostimulation: An up-dated mini review.

Combining Infrared Thermography and Computational Fluid Dynamics to Optimize Whole Body Cryotherapy Protocols

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Whole Body Cryotherapy 전신 크라이오테라피

Whole Body Cryotherapy 전신 크라이오테라피
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