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Learning a Centroidal Motion Planner for Legged Locomotion

High-adaption locomotion with stable robot body for planetary exploration robot carrying potential instruments on unstructured terrain

Robust Landing Stabilization of Humanoid Robot on Uneven Terrain via Admittance Control and Heel Strike Motion

Whole-Body Teleoperation and Shared Control of Redundant Robots with Applications to Aerial Manipulation

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Whole-body control with disturbance rejection through a momentum-based observer for quadruped robots☆

Model Predictive Robot-Environment Interaction Control for Mobile Manipulation Tasks

Underactuated Motion Planning and Control for Jumping With Wheeled-Bipedal Robots

Mobile Manipulation in Unknown Environments with Differential Inverse Kinematics Control

Tactile Sensing

Versatile Locomotion Planning and Control for Humanoid Robots

Online Locomotion Planner For Wheeled Quadrupedal Robot Using Deviation Based Scheduler

Humanoid Control Under Interchangeable Fixed and Sliding Unilateral Contacts

Bio-Inspired Take-Off Maneuver and Control in Vertical Jumping for Quadruped Robot with Manipulator

Whole-Body Compliant Motion by Sensor Integration of an EHA-Driven Humanoid Hydra

Real-Time Trajectory Adaptation for Quadrupedal Locomotion using Deep Reinforcement Learning

Biped Walking Based on Stiffness Optimization and Hierarchical Quadratic Programming

Toward Seamless Transitions Between Shared Control and Supervised Autonomy in Robotic Assistance

Introducing GARMI - A Service Robotics Platform to Support the Elderly at Home: Design Philosophy, System Overview and First Results

Balance Recovery Based on Whole-Body Control Using Joint Torque Feedback for Quadrupedal Robots

Model Predictive Robot-Environment Interaction Control for Mobile Manipulation Tasks

Flexible Motion Framework of the Six Wheel-legged Robot: Experimental Results

Human Trajectory Prediction Model and Its Coupling With a Walking Pattern Generator of a Humanoid Robot

Eye-hand decoupling decreases visually guided reaching independently of posture but reduces sway while standing: Evidence for supra-postural control

Sliding Balance Control of a Point-Foot Biped Robot Based on a Dual-Objective Convergent Equation

Approximate Simulation for Template-Based Whole-Body Control

Modeling of Visco-Elastic Environments for Humanoid Robot Motion Control

A Whole-Body Control Framework Based on the Operational Space Formulation Under Inequality Constraints via Task-Oriented Optimization

Garbage Collection and Sorting with a Mobile Manipulator using Deep Learning and Whole-Body Control

Task-Space Control Interface for SoftBank Humanoid Robots and its Human-Robot Interaction Applications

Formulating and Deploying Strength Amplification Controllers for Lower-Body Walking Exoskeletons

Human to Robot Whole-Body Motion Transfer

2D Push Recovery and Balancing of the EVER3 - a Humanoid Robot with Wheel-Base, using Model Predictive Control and Gain Scheduling

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