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White American sentence examples within 2016 presidential election

The White Right: A Gendered Look at the Links Between “Victim” Ideology and Anti-Black Lives Matter Sentiments in the Era of Trump

#NotAllWhites: Liberal-Leaning White Americans Racially Disidentify and Increase Support for Racial Equity

White American sentence examples within Among White American

Fear of blackness: Understanding white supremacy as an inverted relationship to oppression

Hope Dies Last: The Progressive Potential and Regressive Reality of the Antibalkanization Approach to Racial Equality

White American sentence examples within Hispanic White American

Testing an Alzheimer’s Disease Educational Approach in Two African American Neighborhoods in Florida

Temporal Trends over a Decade in Serious Vision Impairment in a Large, Nationally Representative Population-based Sample of Older Americans: Gender, Cohort and Racial/Ethic Differences.

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White American sentence examples within Educated White American

Stability and change in the Big Five personality traits: Findings from a longitudinal study of Mexican-origin adults.

LEFT, RIGHT, AND MERITOCRACY Comment on M. Sandel’s The Tyranny of Merit

White American sentence examples within Clas White American

Varieties of White working-class identity and their implications for social and political attitudes

Near, far: the beginning of a twenty-first century Progressive Era in the US?

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The Role of Screening Mammography in Addressing Disparities in Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment, and Outcomes

Alleviating diabetes distress and improving diabetes self-management through health coaching in a primary care setting

White American sentence examples within white american child

Household Income and Children Exercise Frequency: Blacksandrsquo; Diminished Returns

Racial Stereotype Application in 4- to 8-Year-Old White American Children: Emergence and Specificity

White American sentence examples within white american culture

Suburban Migrations and Summer Bungalows

CHAPTER 10 The Master’s Tools Will Not Dismantle the Master’s House: Hip Hop, Young M.A., and Gender Norms

White American sentence examples within white american participant

Specificity and incremental predictive validity of implicit attitudes: studies of a race-based phenotype

An Investigation of the Relationship Between Cross-Race Friendships and Attraction.

White American sentence examples within white american nation

Asian Americans as racial contagion

The Politics of Pigtails and Pompadours: Chinese Hair Imports in Turn-of-the-Century Popular American Periodicals

White American sentence examples within white american student

Do special education recommendations differ for Asian American and White American students?

Diversity fatigue: A survey for measuring attitudes towards diversity enhancing efforts in academia.

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Racial Diversity Among American Cardiologists

Genomics of Black American colon cancer disparities: An RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) study from an academic, tertiary referral center.

Local racial context, campaign messaging, and public political behavior: A congressional campaign field experiment

Monitoring Decreases Discrimination

Abstract MP28: Nationwide Racial Disparities in Smoking Cessation After Stroke in the United States

Identifying Taste-Based Discrimination: Effect of Black Electoral Victories on Racial Prejudice and Economic Gaps

The New CDC Mask Guidance: A Catastrophe for Health Equity

The emotional and mental health impact of the murder of George Floyd on the US population

“If You Don’t Speak English, I Can’t Understand You!”: Exposure to Various Foreign Languages as a Threat

Black in America: The Paradox of the Color Line

It Is Not Just About Enrollment: Recognizing the Impact of RCT Recruitment Approaches on Prediabetes Awareness, Screening, and Capacity Building in African American Communities

Do Black Lives Matter in the American Public’s Mitigation Responses to the Covid-19 Pandemic? A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Mask Wearing and Racial/ethnic Disparities in Deaths from COVID-19 in the United States

Characterizing relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis patients burdened with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and asthma.

How university diversity rationales inform student preferences and outcomes

Danger or Dislike: Distinguishing Threat from Negative Valence as Sources of Automatic Anti-Black Bias

The Effects of Dehumanizing Attitudes about Black People on Whites’ Voting Decisions

Torn Apart? The Impact of Manufacturing Employment Decline on Black and White Americans

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Pan cancer analysis of the intra-tumoral microbiome’s correlation with racial disparities.

The Trust Gap Between the Coronavirus Vaccine and Communities of Color: What Midwives Can Do To Help

2020—The Year of Living Dangerously in a COVID‐19 World

Toward an Anti-Racist Approach to Biomedical and Neuroscience Research

“We will do whatever it takes”: Understanding Socioecological Level Influences on Hmong-American Adolescents and Parents’ Perceptions of the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine

P75 Disaggregating Nutrition Education Evaluation Data to Assess Racial Equity in Program Outcomes

From Legacy to Memory: Reckoning with Racial Violence at the National Memorial for Peace and Justice

More White American 백인 미국인 sentence examples

Adverse consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on breast cancer stage distribution and breast cancer disparities.

182 Neighborhood Safety, Stress, and Sleep: Ethnic Differences

The effect of the 2016 United States presidential election on employment discrimination

White Health Benefits of Histories of Enslavement: The Case of Opioid Deaths

Black Americans demonstrate comparatively low levels of depression and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic

Minority Adolescent Mental Health Diagnosis Differences in a National Sample.

Differences in COVID-19-Related Testing and Healthcare Utilization by Race and Ethnicity in the Veterans Health Administration

Pain medication adherence in patients with cancer: a pragmatic review.

The Effect of White Social Prejudice on Support for American Democracy

Disparities of Subjective Cognitive Decline Among Native Hawaiians/Other Pacific Islanders, Asian Americans, and White Americans in Hawai‘i: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System 2015 and 2017

Factors contributing to racial differences in gait mechanics differ by sex.

The Securitarian Personality: What Really Motivates Trump’s Base and Why It Matters for the Post-Trump Era. By John R. Hibbing. New York: Oxford University Press, 2020. 304p. $29.95 cloth.

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Editorial: acid suppression with potassium‐competitive acid blockers dismissing genotype concerns

White Racial Identity and Reparations for Slavery

Media Use During COVID-19: An Investigation of Negative Effects on the Mental Health of Asian Versus White Americans

Climate justice and home-buyout programs: renters as a forgotten population in managed retreat actions

Interaction between physical activity and polygenic score on type 2 diabetes mellitus in older Black and White participants from the Health and Retirement Study.

Screening mammography mitigates breast cancer disparities through early detection of triple negative breast cancer.

Comprehensively addressing postpartum maternal health: a content and image review of commercially available mobile health apps

White American 백인 미국인

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