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Elucidation of the Reaction Mechanism for High-Temperature Water Gas Shift over an Industrial-Type Copper-Chromium-Iron Oxide Catalyst.

MOF-derived noble-metal-free Cu/CeO2 with high porosity for the efficient water-gas shift reaction at low temperatures

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Cu nanoparticles confined in TiO2 nanotubes to enhance the water-gas shift reaction activity

Efficient catalytic hydrogen generation by intermetallic platinum-lead nanostructures with highly tunable porous feature

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Syngas production using CO2-rich residues: From ideal to real operating conditions

Tuning the interaction between Na and Co2C to promote selective CO2 hydrogenation to ethanol

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Controlling phase transfer of molybdenum carbides by various metals for highly efficient hydrogen production

A stable low-temperature H2-production catalyst by crowding Pt on α-MoC

Water Gas Shift Reaction Catalyzed by Rhodium-Manganese Oxide Cluster Anions.

Understanding the enhancement of CaO on water gas shift reaction for H2 production by density functional theory

Biogenic hydroxyapatite as novel catalytic support for Ni and Cu for the water–gas shift reaction

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Catalytic consequences of the decoration of sodium and zinc atoms during CO2 hydrogenation to olefins over iron-based catalyst

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Characterization and performance within the WGS reaction of Cu catalysts obtained from hydrotalcites

Identification of intrinsic active sites in ternary CuZnTi catalysts toward low-temperature water gas shift reaction

Reverse water-gas shift reaction over Pt/MoOx/TiO2: reverse Mars–van Krevelen mechanism via redox of supported MoOx

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Recent progress in syngas production via catalytic CO2 hydrogenation reaction

Enhanced selectivity of the CO2 reverse water-gas reaction over a Ni2P/CeO2 catalyst.

Water gas shift and sorption-enhanced water gas shift reactions using hydrothermally synthesized novel Cu–Mg–Al hydrotalcite-based catalysts for hydrogen production

Enhancement of Hydrogen Production Using Ni Catalysts Supported by Gd-Doped Ceria

Ecofriendly K-decorated ZnO/Zn(Al,La)2O4 catalyst for hydrogen production – Effect of heterostructure on catalyst activity at steam‐lean process gas

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Chemical and structural properties of Na decorated Fe5C2-ZnO catalysts during hydrogenation of CO2 to linear α-olefins

Studies into the kinetic compensation effects of Loy Yang Brown coal during gasification in a steam environment – A mechanistic view

Boundaries of High-Temperature Co-Electrolysis Towards Direct CO2-Electrolysis

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Carbon Monoxide Induced Metabolic Shift in the Carboxydotrophic Parageobacillus thermoglucosidasius DSM 6285

Enhancing CO2 Conversion to CO over Plasma-Deposited Composites Based on Mixed Co and Fe Oxides

Influence of Cs Loading on Pt/m-ZrO2 Water–Gas Shift Catalysts

CO2 reduction and ethane dehydrogenation on transition metal catalysts: mechanistic insights, reactivity trends and rational design of bimetallic alloys

2D Polymeric Network of Cu/Na, A Route for the Preparation Truncated Octahedral Catalyst Applicable in the WGS Reaction

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Electrochemical promotion of CO2 hydrogenation in a monolithic electrochemically promoted reactor (MEPR)

Dynamic structure of active sites in ceria-supported Pt catalysts for the water gas shift reaction

Fabrication of More Oxygen Vacancies and Depression of Encapsulation for Superior Catalysis in the Water-Gas Shift Reaction.

High-purity H2 production by sorption-enhanced water gas shift on a K2CO3-promoted Cu/MgO–Al2O3 difunctional material

Effects of niobium addition on active metal and support in Co–CeO2 catalyst for the high temperature water gas shift reaction

Effect of Pd and Ir as Promoters in the Activity of Ni/CeZrO2 Catalyst for the Reverse Water-Gas Shift Reaction

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Production of syngas by CO2 reduction through Reverse Water–Gas Shift (RWGS) over catalytically-active molybdenum-based carbide, nitride and composite nanowires

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Atomically dispersed Pt/CeO2 catalyst with superior CO selectivity in reverse water gas shift reaction

Very high loading oxidized copper supported on ceria to catalyze the water-gas shift reaction

Pt nanoparticles encapsulated in CeO2 over-layers synthesized by controlled reductive treatment to suppress CH4 formation in high-temperature water-gas shift reaction

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Insights into the catalytic activity of trimetallic Al/Zn/Cu surfaces for the water gas shift reaction

Rationalization of promoted reverse water gas shift reaction by Pt3Ni alloy: Essential contribution from ensemble effect.

In line upgrading of biomass fast pyrolysis products using low-cost catalysts

Fabrication of oxygen vacancies through assembling an amorphous titanate overlayer on titanium oxide for a catalytic water–gas shift reaction

The reverse water gas shift reaction: a process systems engineering perspective

Elucidating the Role of Support Oxygen in the Water–Gas Shift Reaction over Ceria-Supported Gold Catalysts Using Operando Spectroscopy

Catalytic Pd0.77Ag0.23 alloy membrane reactor for high temperature water-gas shift reaction: Methane suppression

Molecular-level understanding of reaction path optimization as a function of shape concerning the metal–support interaction effect of Co/CeO2 on water-gas shift catalysis

Effect of Vapor‐phase‐treatment to CuZnZr Catalyst on the Reaction Behaviors in CO2 Hydrogenation into Methanol

Construction of stabilized bulk-nano interfaces for highly promoted inverse CeO2/Cu catalyst

Cu Atoms on Nanowire Pd/HyWO3-x Bronzes Enhance the Solar Reverse Water Gas Shift Reaction.

Negative Charging of Au Nanoparticles during Methanol Synthesis from CO2/H2 on a Au/ZnO Catalyst: Insights from Operando Infrared and Near-ambient Pressure XPS and XAS

Cu-Based mixed metal oxides for an efficient photothermal catalysis of the water-gas shift reaction

Theoretical Study of the Reverse Water Gas Shift Reaction on Copper Modified β-Mo2C(001) Surfaces

Enhanced bimetallic Rh-Ni supported catalysts on alumina doped with mixed lanthanum-cerium oxides for ethanol steam reforming

Methanol Synthesis Using CO₂ and H₂ on Nano Silver-Ceria Zirconia Catalysts: Influence of Preparation Method.

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The alcohol-modified CuZnAl hydroxycarbonate synthesis as a convenient preparation route of high activity Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 catalysts for WGS

Synthesis of liquid fuel via direct hydrogenation of CO2

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Reverse water gas shift reaction over tungsten carbide prepared catalyst from waste date palm fronds at low temperatures reverse water gas shift reaction

Intermediate temperature water–gas shift kinetics for hydrogen production

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Effect of the CeO2 synthesis method on the behaviour of Pt/CeO2 catalysis for the water-gas shift reaction

Nano-Intermetallic InNi3C0.5 Compound Discovered as a Superior Catalyst for CO2 Reutilization

Nickel supported on AlCeO3 as a highly selective and stable catalyst for hydrogen production via the glycerol steam reforming reaction

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A study on the effect of CeO2 addition to a Pt/TiO2 catalyst on the reverse water gas shift reaction

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Process analysis of hydrogen production from biomass gasification in fluidized bed reactor with different separation systems

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Phosphate-type supports for the design of WGS catalysts

Two mechanisms for acetic acid synthesis from ethanol and water

Effect of the Pt Precursor and Loading on the Structural Parameters and Catalytic Properties of Pt/Al2O3

Highly active and stable copper catalysts derived from copper silicate double-shell nanofibers with strong metal-support interactions for the RWGS reaction.

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A catalyst selection method for hydrogen production through Water-Gas Shift Reaction using artificial neural networks.

Long-term durability of La0.75Sr0.25Cr0.5Mn0.5Oδ−3 as a fuel electrode of solid oxide electrolysis cells for co-electrolysis

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