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Plant Tissue Culture Research and Development in Ethiopia: A Case Study on Current Status, Opportunities, and Challenges

Molecular Adaptation to Folivory and the Conservation Implications for Madagascar’s Lemurs

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Situated Causality: What Ethnography Can Contribute to Causal Inquiry in Social Work

The role of distinct ADHD symptoms for pre-entry entrepreneurial behavior: when intentions do not translate into action

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Correlation of C - reactive protein and Blood Culture in Neonatal Sepsis in A Tertiary Health Care Centre, Bhavnagar

Assessing a chip based rapid RTPCR test for SARS CoV-2 detection (TrueNat assay): A diagnostic accuracy study

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Influenza virus genotype to phenotype predictions through machine learning: a systematic review

Introduction to the Symposium: Civically Engaged Research and Political Science

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Optimised multiplex amplicon sequencing for mutation identification using the MinION nanopore sequencer

Comparative analyses of the Hymenoscyphus fraxineus and Hymenoscyphus albidus genomes reveals potentially adaptive differences in secondary metabolite and transposable element repertoires

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Correlation of C - reactive protein and Blood Culture in Neonatal Sepsis in A Tertiary Health Care Centre, Bhavnagar

School Climate Indices as Predictors of Teacher Job Satisfaction and Performance in Oyo State, Nigeria

Impact of total quality management factors on knowledge creation in the organizations of Bangladesh

Towards Improving Artisan and Craftsmen Productivity

Impact of Self Study Module (SSM) on Mechanical Ventilation Knowledge Among Critical Care Nurses in Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbottabad

Non-binding Sources in Law: On Their Merits (and Their Limits)

Building biorepositories in the midst of a pandemic

Exploring ESL Learners’ Blended Learning Experiences and Its’ Effectiveness on 21st Century Skills

Strengthening Country Readiness for Pandemic-Related Mass Movement: Policy Lessons Learned

Factors Driving Rapid Adoption of Telemedicine in an Academic Orthopedic Surgery Department.

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Transgender surgery – Knowledge gap among physicians impacting patient care

Innate Immune Defense in the Male Reproductive System and Male Fertility

Managing consumer returns with technology-enabled countermeasures

Adoption Conceptual Model for Intelligent Waste Management in Smart Cities: Theoretical Review

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A New Constitution

ESCAP CovCAP survey of heads of academic departments to assess the perceived initial (April/May 2020) impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on child and adolescent psychiatry services

An asymptotic and empirical smoothing parameters selection method for smoothing spline ANOVA models in large samples.

An Investigation into the Implementation of Call in Government Colleges of District Hyderabad: A Study on English Teachers’ Perceptions

Evolution of Human Memory B Cells From Childhood to Old Age

Shaping applied epidemiology workforce training to strengthen emergency response: a global survey of applied epidemiologists, 2019–2020

Do substrate roughness and gap distance impact gap-bridging strategies in arboreal chameleons?

Energy management of a renewable-based isolated micro-grid by optimal utilization of dump loads and plug-in electric vehicles

Recent Advances to Augment NK Cell Cancer Immunotherapy Using Nanoparticles

The COVID-19 pandemic and its skin effects

Clinical Legal Education and its Implication on Legal Education System in Pakistan: Challenges and Prospects

Machine-Learning Models for Multicenter Prostate Cancer Treatment Plans

Psychosocial Impact of Lockdown Induced Setback on Education during Pandemic in India

Combined Residency Programs in Psychiatry

Surfactants assisted SiO2-Cu@Fe2O3 nanofibers: Ultra efficient photocatalyst for photodegradation of organic compounds and transesterification of waste edible oil to biodiesel

Biomedical applications of nanoscale tools and nano-bio interface: A blueprint of physical, chemical, and biochemical cues of cell mechanotransduction machinery

Assessment of Customer Service Provision for Enhanced User Satisfaction in Academic Libraries: A Case Study of St Paul’s University Library, Kiambu County, Kenya

Structural and functional analysis of Ccr1l1, a Rodentia-restricted eosinophil-selective chemokine receptor homologue

Impact of economic conditions on business growth and development

Development of Emergency Response Team Technical Competency (ER2TC) Assessment Tool for Offshore Process Safety

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Propagation-aware Gaussian Process Regression for Signal-Strength Interpolation along Street Canyons

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Fostering Human-Agent Team Leadership by Leveraging Human Teaming Principles

Perinatal attention, memory and learning during sleep.

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Well Equipped 잘 갖춰져

Well Equipped 잘 갖춰져
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