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Welfare Impacts sentence examples within Animal Welfare Impacts

Animal Harms and Food Production: Informing Ethical Choices

Review: An overview of beef production from pasture and feedlot globally, as demand for beef and the need for sustainable practices increase.

Welfare Impacts sentence examples within Negative Welfare Impacts

A PIT‐tag–based method for measuring individual bait uptake in small mammals

Identification of spectral signature for in situ real-time monitoring of smoltification.

Welfare Impacts sentence examples within Potential Welfare Impacts

Privacy as a Public Good: A Case for Electronic Cash

The importance of data structure and nonlinearities in estimating climate impacts on outdoor recreation

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Welfare Impacts sentence examples within One Welfare Impacts

One welfare impacts of COVID-19 – A summary of key highlights within the one welfare framework

One welfare impacts of COVID-19 – A summary of key highlights within the one welfare framework☆

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Will urban air mobility fly? The efficiency and distributional impacts of UAM in different urban spatial structures

Will urban air mobility fly? The efficiency and distributional impacts of UAM in different urban spatial structures

Cost-benefit analysis in a climate of change: setting social discount rates in the case of Ireland

Food Trade Openness and Enhancement of Food Security—Partial Equilibrium Model Simulations for Selected Countries

Economic Growth and Equity in Anticipation of Climate Policy

Analysing the Welfare Impacts of an RTA Between China and Nigeria

The Importance of Well Yield in Groundwater Demand Specification

The Impact of Emergency Cash Assistance in a Pandemic: Experimental Evidence from Colombia

A Quantitative Analysis of Tariffs across U.S. States

Mechanical Drying System’ Adoption and its Impact on Cocoa Beans Quality and Household Incomes at Farm Level: A Case Study of Central and South-West Cameroon

Valuing High Seas Ecosystem Conservation.

Could Chapter 11 redeem itself? Wealth and welfare effects of the redemption option

It is all in the details: A bilateral approach for modelling trade agreements at the tariff line

Cost-benefit analysis as a tool for measuring economic impacts of local food systems: Case study of an institutional sourcing change

Welfare impacts of introducing water pollution tax in the Olifants river basin in South Africa: A revisited analysis using a top-down micro-accounting approach

Evaluation of the subcapsular technique for primary closure castration in donkeys (Equus asinus)

Valuing the ecosystem service benefits from kelp forest restoration: A choice experiment from Norway

Deathly Silent: Exploring the Global Lack of Data Relating to Stranded Cetacean Euthanasia

Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Service Benefits and Welfare Impacts of Offshore Marine Protected Areas: A Study from the Baltic Sea

Impact of Gendered Participation in market-linked value-chains on Economic Outcomes: Evidence from India

Conservation Education: Are Zoo Animals Effective Ambassadors and Is There Any Cost to Their Welfare?

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Incentive-based conservation in Peru: Assessing the state of six ongoing PES and REDD+ initiatives

Welfare analysis of the ecological impacts of electricity production in Chile using the sparse multinomial logit model

Separating generalizable from source-specific preference heterogeneity in the fusion of revealed and stated preferences

A Quantitative Analysis of Tariffs across U.S. States

Beggar Thy Neighbor? On the Competitiveness and Welfare Impacts of the EU’s Proposed Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

The multi-level economic impacts of deep decarbonization strategies for the energy system

Welfare analysis of price stabilization: a case study of small chili in West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia

Identification and Evaluation of African Lion (Panthera leo) Cub Welfare in Wildlife-Interaction Tourism

The poverty impacts of improved soybean technologies in Malawi

Market Competition Between LTE-U and WiFi

Risk-Sensitive Preferences and Age-Dependent Risk Aversion


Infrastructure Disruptions: How Instability Breeds Household Vulnerability

Can interventions affect commitment demand? A field experiment on food choice

Who Benefits from Antidumping and Countervailing? An Analysis Using a Computable Partial Equilibrium Model

Biofuels and livelihoods: Empirical findings on the welfare impacts of Jatropha cultivation in the Mangochi district, Southern Malawi

Market-based Emissions Regulation When Damages Vary Across Sources: What Are the Gains from Differentiation?

Product-Level Trade Elasticities

Exploring the spatial heterogeneity of individual preferences for integrated river basin management: an example of Heihe river basin

Virtual Fencing Is Comparable to Electric Tape Fencing for Cattle Behavior and Welfare

Decoupling the Value of Leisure Time from Labor Market Returns in Travel Cost Models

Environmental Policies and Political Feasibility: Eco-Labels versus Emission Taxes

Price Competition with LTE-U and WiFi

Determinants and welfare impacts of rural electrification in Ghana

Not So Sweet: Economic Implications of Restricting U.S. Sugar Imports from Mexico

Everybody to Count for One? Inclusion and Exclusion in Welfare-Consequentialist Public Policy

Aquaculture feed technology adoption and smallholder household welfare in Ghana

License Quotas and the Inefficient Regulation of Sin Goods: Evidence From the Washington Recreational Marijuana Market

Commuting in Happyville: Taxation with interjurisdictional commuting and pollution

A framework to evaluate animal welfare implications of policies on rhino horn trade

The Cost of Climate Change to Agricultural Industries: Coconuts in Sri Lanka

Labor and Welfare Impacts of a Large-Scale Livelihoods Program: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from India

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Welfare Impacts 복지 영향

Welfare Impacts 복지 영향
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