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A combination of yeast beta-glucan and milk hydrolysate is a suitable alternative to zinc oxide in the race to alleviate post-weaning diarrhoea in piglets

Early childhood feeding practices and its association with early childhood caries

Food neophobia and pickiness among children and associations with socioenvironmental and cognitive factors

Societal perceptions and lived experience: Infant feeding practices in premodern Japan.

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Prevailing pattern of feeding practices and malnutrition among infant and young children

Pratiques maternelles: allaitement et sevrage dans les sociétés préhistoriques

An Exploration of Complementary Feeding Practices, Information Needs and Sources

Reconstructing breastfeeding and weaning practices in the Bronze Age Near East using stable nitrogen isotopes

Marshallese Beliefs, Perceptions, and Practices Related to Child Feeding Among Marshallese in the United States: Implications for Childhood Obesity

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Weaning Practices 이유식

Weaning Practices 이유식
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