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Weakening Mechanism sentence examples within Dynamic Weakening Mechanism

Frictional Melting in Hydrothermal Fluid‐Rich Faults: Field and Experimental Evidence From the Bolfín Fault Zone (Chile)

Estimate of earthquake power dissipation from exhumed ancient faults (Gole Larghe fault zone, Italy).

Weakening Mechanism sentence examples within Possible Weakening Mechanism

Earthquake cycles and shear zones: interplay between earthquakes, aseismic fault slip, and bulk viscous deformation

Experimental study on the water-weakening shear behaviors of sandstone joints collected from the middle region of Yunnan province, P.R. China.

Weakening Mechanism sentence examples within Mechanical Weakening Mechanism

Using Grain Boundary Irregularity to Quantify Dynamic Recrystallization in Ice

Using grain boundary irregularity to quantify dynamic recrystallization in ice

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Weakening Mechanism sentence examples within Thermal Weakening Mechanism

Is breaking through matter a hot matter? How to predict material failure by monitoring creep

Thermal dissipation as both the strength and weakness of matter. A material failure prediction by monitoring creep.

Controllable mechanical anisotropy of selective laser melted Ti6Al4V: A new perspective into the effect of grain orientations and primary grain structure

Experimental investigation of the influence of dry-wet, freeze-thaw and water immersion treatments on the mechanical strength of the clay-bearing green sandstone

Experimental study on the shear characteristics and weakening mechanism of water-bearing rock joints

Shear deformation of nano- and micro-crystalline olivine at seismic slip rates

Weak at what scale? Insights from a late interseismic interplate fault

Longitudinal Ridges in Long Runout Landslides: on the Applicability of High-Speed Granular Flow Mechanisms.

An Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties for the Static and Dynamic Compression of Concrete Eroded by Sulfate Solution

Mode I Fracture Toughness Test and Fractal Character of Fracture Trajectory of Red Sandstone under Real-Time High Temperature

Grain-size reduction of feldspar and flow of deformed granites within the Gaoligong shear zone, southwestern Yunnan, China

The Wenchuan Earthquake Fault Scientific Drilling (WFSD) Project

A novel damage model based on micromechanics for hybrid fiber reinforced cementitious composites under uniaxial compression

Investigating mechanical properties of leather treated with Aloe barbadensis Miller and Carrageenan using existing theoretical models

Evaluation of the effect of adsorbed gas and free gas on mechanical properties of coal

Earthquake lubrication and healing explained by amorphous nanosilica

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Weakening Mechanism 약화 메커니즘

Weakening Mechanism 약화 메커니즘
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