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Assessing Climatic Drivers of Spring Mean and Annual Maximum Flows in Western Canadian River Basins

Dissolved organic carbon in permafrost regions: A review

Watershed characteristics influence winter stream temperature in a forested landscape

Estimation of flood influencing characteristics of watershed and their impact on flooding in data-scarce region

Classification of Estuarine Wetlands in Yemen Using Local and Catchment Descriptors

Anthropogenic Influences on Dissolved Organic Matter in Three Coastal Bays, North China

Baseflow nitrate dynamics within nested watersheds of an agricultural stream in Nebraska, USA

Assessing annual streamflow response to forest disturbance in the western US: A large-sample hydrology approach

Reducing Urban Flood Risk Through Building- and Lot-Scale Flood Mitigation Approaches: Challenges and Opportunities

A Statistical Hydrological Model for Yangtze River Watershed Based on Stepwise Cluster Analysis

Peak unit discharge estimation based on ungauged watershed parameters

Relationships between dissolved black carbon and dissolved organic matter in streams.

Evaluation of the effects of some watershed characteristics on water and suspended sediment yield in agricultural and forest dominated watersheds

Surface runoff of Bekasi River subwatershed

Flood susceptibility mapping using a geomorphometric approach in South Australian basins

Calibration of distributed hydrological models considering the heterogeneity of the parameters across the basin: a case study of SWAT model

Diagnosis toward predicting mean annual runoff in ungauged basins

Quantitative Estimation on Contribution of Climate Changes and Watershed Characteristic Changes to Decreasing Streamflow in a Typical Basin of Yellow River

Comparing the performances of multiple rainfall-runoff models of a karst watershed

A tribute to tributaries: River studies elucidate links between human activity and nutrient export across a broad range of watersheds


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Watershed Characteristics 유역 특성

Watershed Characteristics 유역 특성
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