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Using micro focus industrial computed tomography to characterize the effects of soil type and soil depth on soil pore characteristics, morphology, and soil compression in Xi’an, China

Study on compaction mechanism of overconsolidated soil and critical groundwater level in Cangzhou

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Climate change impact on the hydrological budget of a large Mediterranean island


Assessment, formation mechanism, and different source contributions of dissolved salt pollution in the shallow groundwater of Hutuo River alluvial-pluvial fan in the North China Plain

Evaluating the effects of limited irrigation on crop water productivity and reducing deep groundwater exploitation in the North China Plain using an agro-hydrological model: I. Parameter sensitivity analysis, calibration and model validation

Environmental risk-based hydroeconomic evaluation for alluvial aquifer management in arid river basin.

Coupling hydrochemistry and stable isotopes to identify the major factors affecting groundwater geochemical evolution in the Heilongdong Spring Basin, North China

Application of DRASTIC Model for Vulnerability Assessing Land Subsidence of Beijing New Airport Line

Land subsidence lagging quantification in the main exploration aquifer layers in Beijing plain, China

Evaluating the effects of limited irrigation on crop water productivity and reducing deep groundwater exploitation in the North China Plain using an agro-hydrological model: II. Scenario simulation and analysis

Applications of Aeromagnetic and Electrical Resistivity Data for Mapping Spatial Distribution of Groundwater Potentials of Dutse, Jigawa State, Nigeria

Groundwater Level Prediction for the Arid Oasis of Northwest China Based on the Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm and a Back-propagation Neural Network with Double Hidden Layers

Groundwater Level Analysis Using Regional Kendall Test for Trend with Spatial Autocorrelation.

Sustainable karst groundwater management in a semiarid region: the case of Su Gologone spring (Sardinia, Italy)

Assessment of subsidence in Delhi NCR due to groundwater depletion using TerraSAR-X and persistent scatterers interferometry

Intrusion of Saline Water into a Coastal Aquifer Containing Palaeogroundwater in the Viimsi Peninsula in Estonia

Groundwater Resource Assessment by Hydraulic Properties Determination for Sustainable Planning and Development in Central Part of Ondo State, Nigeria

Based on GMS management of shallow groundwater resource in Ningjin, China

Functional responses of the herbaceous plant community explain ecohydrological impacts of savanna shrub encroachment

Frontiers of Hard Rock Hydrogeology in India

Plate tectonics influence on geogenic arsenic cycling: From primary sources to global groundwater enrichment.

Land Subsidence Monitoring in Nanning Based on Sentinel-1A data and SBAS-InSAR

Hydrochemical characteristics and quality assessment of groundwater for drinking and irrigation purposes in the Futuan River Basin, China

Mapping of Groundwater Potential Zone Based on Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques: A Case Study of Kalmykia, Russia

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Distribución espacial y temporal de aprovechamientos de agua del acuífero del Valle de Tecamachalco, Puebla

Numerical modeling of a regional groundwater flow system to assess groundwater storage loss, capture and sustainable exploitation of the transboundary Milk River Aquifer (Canada – USA)

Hydrogeochemistry and geothermometry of the carbonate-evaporite aquifers controlled by deep-seated faults using major ions and environmental isotopes

Specific vulnerability assessment of nitrate in shallow groundwater with an improved DRSTIC-LE model.

Using water level and temperature time series to improve hydrogeological parameterization in a complex alluvial system

The Montellina Spring as an Example of Water Circulation in an Alpine DSGSD Context (NW Italy)

Analytical Solution for One-Dimensional Transport of Particles considering Dispersion in Deposition Kinetics

Aquifers Hydraulic Parameters Measurement and Analysis by Pumping Test

Application of groundwater functional zoning to coastal groundwater management: a case study in the plain area of Weifang City, China

Potential Groundwater Extraction and Piezometric Surface Fluctuations in Puruliya, West Bengal - A GIS based study

Research on Subsidence and Groundwater Based on SBAS Time-Series Analysis

Surface Subsidence Monitoring in Eastern Liaoning Province using Sentinel-1B SAR Interferometry from 2017 to 2019

Hydrogeochemical characteristics of a multi-layered coastal aquifer system in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Assessment of groundwater potential through vertical electrical sounding at Haji Rehmatullah Palari village, Nooriabad


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Application of Cropwat Model for Estimation of Irrigation Scheduling of Tomato in Changing Climate of Eastern Europe: the Case Study of Godollo, Hungary

Exploring Freshwater Regimes and Impact Factors in the Coastal Estuaries of the Vietnamese Mekong Delta

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Water Exploitation 물 착취
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