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Assessment of Avifaunal Diversity and Threats to them in Phewa Wetland, Nepal


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Produced Water Re-Injection and Disposal in Low Permeable Reservoirs

Groundwater salinity and the effects of produced water disposal in the Lost Hills–Belridge oil fields, Kern County, California

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Features of the water quality in small rivers of Khabarovsk in winter season

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Kondisi Sanitasi Lingkungan Sekolah (Studi Kasus Sd Negeri Di Kecamatan Nan Sabaris Kabupaten Padang Pariaman

Use of high-throughput screening results to prioritize chemicals for potential adverse biological effects within a West Virginia watershed.

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Wastewater leakage in West Texas revealed by satellite radar imagery and numerical modeling

Selecting seismically safe formations for salt water disposal in the Delaware basin

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Alternative Management of Oil and Gas Produced Water Requires More Research on its Hazards and Risks.

Exploring matrix effects and quantifying organic additives in hydraulic fracturing associated fluids using liquid chromatography electrospray ionization mass spectrometry.

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Video sleds effectively survey epibenthic communities at dredged material disposal sites

Geoecological Monitoring on the Territory of Underground Disposal Sites of Highly Mineralized Waters in Western Yakutia

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Using regional datasets of isotope geochemistry to resolve complex groundwater flow and formation connectivity in northeastern Alberta, Canada

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Algal-based removal strategies for hazardous contaminants from the environment - A review.

Understanding Dynamics of Mangrove Forest on Protected Areas of Hainan Island, China: 30 Years of Evidence from Remote Sensing

Temporal Pattern-Based Malicious Activity Detection in SCADA Systems (Brief Announcement)

Seismicity induced by hydraulic fracturing and wastewater disposal in the Appalachian Basin, USA: a review

Introduction to German Cases

Artificial Neural Network‐Based Framework for Developing Ground‐Motion Models for Natural and Induced Earthquakes in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas

A Fifty-Year Experience of Groundwater Governance: The Case Study of Gakunan Council for Coordinated Groundwater Pumping, Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

Low-recovery, -energy-consumption, -emission hybrid systems of seawater desalination: Energy optimization and cost analysis

Conventional Oil - The Forgotten Part of the Water-Energy Nexus.

Water management and its judicial contexts in ancient Greece: a review from the earliest times to the Roman period

The study of down-hole hydro-cyclone efficiency in oil wells using computational fluid dynamics

Spatiotemporal and stratigraphic trends in salt-water disposal practices of the Permian Basin, Texas and New Mexico, United States

Diagnostics of Natural Indicators of Ecological Safety of Rural Territories of the Region

Summary of the North Texas Earthquake Study Seismic Networks, 2013–2018

Internal Erosion in Volcanic Soils—Challenges for Infrastructure Projects in New Zealand

From collection to discharge: physical, chemical, and biological analyses for fish farm water quality monitoring

Fe-Loaded MOF-545(Fe): Peroxidase-Like Activity for Dye Degradation Dyes and High Adsorption for the Removal of Dyes from Wastewater

Monitoring System Design Based on Kingview Sewage Treatment

Calculation of temperature profile in injection wells

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Impact of municipal wastewater reuse through micro-irrigation system on the incidence of coliforms in selected vegetable crops.

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Constructed wetland for wastewater reuse: Role and efficiency in removing enteric pathogens.

Evaluation of degradation behavior over tetracycline hydrochloride by microbial electrochemical technology: Performance, kinetics, and microbial communities.

Special Issues of Wastewater Management in China

Characterization of Biofilms and Mineralogical Scale in Underground Injection Well Disposal of Landfill Leachate and Industrial Wastewater Streams

Experimental studies on production performance of oil reservoirs with bottom water

Phosphorus and nitrogen loading to Lake Huron from septic systems at Grand Bend, ON

Environmental Friendly Transformation of the First and Oldest Alumina Refinery in the World

Using simulation-optimization model in water resource management with consideration of environmental issues

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Optimization of an electrocoagulation-flotation system for domestic wastewater treatment and reuse.

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Growth and antioxidative response of two mangrove plants to interaction between aquaculture effluent and BDE-99.

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Water Disposal 물 처리

Water Disposal 물 처리
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