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The Application of SSANOVA Modeling in the Analysis of Formant Dynamics of Glide-vowel Sequences in Southern Fujian Hakka

Cortical Responses to Vowel Sequences in Awake and Anesthetized States: A Human Intracranial Electrophysiology Study.

The Effects of Language Contact on Non-Native Vowel Sequences in Lexical Borrowings: The Case of Media Lengua.

Contribution of vocal tract and glottal source spectral cues in the generation of happy and aggressive [a] vowels

Infant repetition effects and change detection: Are they related to adaptive skills?

Epenthetic vowel production of unfamiliar medial consonant clusters by Japanese speakers

Glide formation is not motivated by onset requirement in Malawian Tonga, glide epenthesis is

A modular architecture for articulatory synthesis from gestural specification.

From abugida to alphabet in Konso, Ethiopia : The interplay between script and phonological awareness

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Vowel Sequences 모음 시퀀스

Vowel Sequences 모음 시퀀스
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