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Healthcare Voucher Scheme for Screening of Cardiovascular Risk Factors: A Population-Based Study

What is the long term impact of voucher scheme on primary care? Findings from a repeated cross sectional study using propensity score matching

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Optimising the Services Capacity Operation with Service Supply Chain and Option Theories for Elderly Healthcare Systems in China

An exploration of older Hong Kong residents’ willingness to make copayments toward vouchers for community care

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Oral Health Care of Older Adults in Hong Kong

Barriers to preventive care utilization among Hong Kong community‐dwelling older people and their views on using financial incentives to improve preventive care utilization

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Family planning for urban slums in low- and middle-income countries: a scoping review of interventions/service delivery models and their impact

The Bangladesh Maternal Health Voucher Scheme: impact on completeness of antenatal care provision.

Adult diet in England: Where is more support needed to achieve dietary recommendations?

A multisectoral approach to eradication of malnutrition in vulnerable groups: a cluster-randomised trial

Heterogeneity and college choice: Latent class modelling for improved policy making

Does healthcare voucher provision improve utilisation in the continuum of maternal care for poor pregnant women? Experience from Bangladesh

Issues and Solutions Concerning Social Insurance in Shenzhen for Hong Kong and Macao Residents-from the Perspective of Talent Flow in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

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Voucher Scheme 바우처 제도

Voucher Scheme 바우처 제도
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