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Playing the synthesizer with Canadian data: Adding polls to a structural forecasting model

Reporting the polls: the quality of media reporting of vote intention polls in the Netherlands

Voters’ view of leaders during the Covid‐19 crisis: Quantitative analysis of keyword descriptions provides strength and direction of evaluations

Correlational linkage analysis (Frequently Applied Designs)

Short- and Long-Term Partisanship: Campaign Effects and the Stability of Party Identification in Latin America

Unveiling: An Unexpected Mid-campaign Court Ruling’s Consequences and the Limits of Following the Leader

Politically Invisible in America

How Do Campaigns Matter? Independents, Political Information, and the Enlightening Role of Campaigns in Mexico

Persuasive Propaganda During the 2015 Argentine Ballotage

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The effect of televised candidate debates on the support for political parties

Opiniones sobre Partidos, Coaliciones y Candidaturas: Votaciones en Ciudad de México en 2018

Does it Matter if Parties Keep their Promises? The Impact of Voter Evaluations of Pledge Fulfilment on Vote Choice

Explaining Time of Vote Decision: The Socio-Structural, Attitudinal, and Contextual Determinants of Late Deciding

The Impact of Personalized Information on Vote Intention: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment

Poll-Confident Voters in Iterative Voting

An NLG System for Constituent Correspondence: Personality, Affect, and Alignment

The Political Cost of Public-Private Partnerships: Theory and Evidence from Colombian Infrastructure Development

Multi-Party Media Partisanship Attention Score. Estimating Partisan Attention of News Media Sources Using Twitter Data in the Lead-up to 2018 Italian Election

Candidate Authenticity: ‘To Thine Own Self Be True’

Interpersonal communication, voting behavior and influence in election campaigns: a directional approach

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Vote Intention 투표 의향

Vote Intention 투표 의향
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