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Volunteer Computing Project [email protected] for Virtual Drug Screening Against SARS-CoV-2

Performance Estimation of a BOINC-Based Desktop Grid for Large-Scale Molecular Docking

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A Design of Volunteer Computing System Based on Blockchain

Of Money and Morals - The Contingent Effect of Monetary Incentives in Peer-to-Peer Volunteer Computing

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Globally Scheduling Volunteer Computing

A Comparative Study of AI-Based Intrusion Detection Techniques in Critical Infrastructures

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An infrastructure-assisted job scheduling and task coordination in volunteer computing-based VANET

Blockchain-based Volunteer Edge Cloud for IoT Applications

A New Social Volunteer Computing Environment With Task-Adapted Scheduling Policy (TASP)

An Incentive-based Mechanism for Volunteer Computing Using Blockchain

The Optimization Strategies on Clarification of the Misconceptions of Big Data Processing in Dynamic and Opportunistic Environments

[email protected] version 1: a citizen science project for ensemble weather and climate forecasting

A Volunteer-Supported Fog Computing Environment for Delay-Sensitive IoT Applications

Reliability in volunteer computing micro-blogging services

Distributed Deep Learning Using Volunteer Computing-Like Paradigm

The Efficient Mining of Skyline Patterns from a Volunteer Computing Network

Dynamic Scheduling Algorithm in Cyber Mimic Defense Architecture of Volunteer Computing

Hybrid Task Coordination Using Multi-Hop Communication in Volunteer Computing-Based VANETs

Pre-Trained Convolutional Neural Networks for Breast Cancer Detection Using Ultrasound Images

Joint QoS-aware and Cost-efficient Task Scheduling for Fog-cloud Resources in a Volunteer Computing System

Distributed and Decentralized Orchestration of Containers on Edge Clouds

The Optimization Potential of Volunteer Computing for Compute or Data Intensive Applications

Madoop: Improving Browser-Based Volunteer Computing Based on Modern Web Technologies

Dynamic Task Scheduling Algorithm with Deadline Constraint in Heterogeneous Volunteer Computing Platforms

Genet: A Quickly Scalable Fat-Tree Overlay for Personal Volunteer Computing using WebRTC

ALICE Connex: A volunteer computing platform for the Time-Of-Flight calibration of the ALICE experiment. An opportunistic use of CPU cycles on Android devices

Mobile Tools for Community Scientists

Survey and Taxonomy of Volunteer Computing

Volunteer Cloud as an Edge Computing Enabler

BOINC: A Platform for Volunteer Computing

CollabChain: Blockchain-Backed Trustless Web-Based Volunteer Computing Platform

AccTEE: A WebAssembly-based Two-way Sandbox for Trusted Resource Accounting

Simulation of Secure Volunteer Computing by Using Blockchain

SAT-Based Cryptanalysis: From Parallel Computing to Volunteer Computing

Grid production with the ATLAS Event Service

Task Assignment Algorithm Based on Trust in Volunteer Computing Platforms

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Volunteer Computing 자원봉사 컴퓨팅

Volunteer Computing 자원봉사 컴퓨팅
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