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Change Point Detection of Sustainable Periods of Economic Systems Under the Robust Control

All-solid-state polymeric screen printed and carbon paste ion selective electrodes for determination of oxymetazoline in pharmaceutical dosage forms

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Integration of three-phase microelectroextraction sample preparation into capillary electrophoresis.

An improved excavation method for measuring bulk density of rocky soil using terrestrial LiDAR

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Determination of filtration and consolidation properties of protein crystal suspensions using analytical photocentrifuges with low volume samples

New Micro‐amount of Virion Enrichment Technique (MiVET) to detect influenza A virus in the duck faeces

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Creep of Metallic Materials in Bending

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Studies and applications of magnetic interactions in the system “iron-copper-water”

Fluorescence quenching capillary analysis for determining trace-level nitrite in food based on the citric acid/ethylenediamine nanodots/nitrite reaction.

Isolation of RNA and beta-NAD by phenylboronic acid functionalized, monodisperse-porous silica microspheres as sorbent in batch and microfluidic boronate affinity systems.

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Size and shape matter: A preliminary analysis of microplastic sampling technique in seawater studies with implications for ecological risk assessment.

Device for Broadband THz Spectroscopy of 1-nL-Volume Samples

Three-dimensional reconstruction of Picea wilsonii Mast. pollen grains using automated electron microscopy

Digital microfluidics and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy for in situ diffusion measurements and reaction monitoring.

Screening for Oily Yeasts Able to Convert Hydrolysates from Biomass to Biofuels While Maintaining Industrial Process Relevance.

Optimization and validation of an SBSE-HPLC-FD method using laboratory-made stir bars for fluoxetine determination in human plasma.

Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometric determination of copper, zinc, lead and chromium species after preconcentration on graphene oxide chemically modified with mercapto-groups

LC/MS/MS analyses of open-flow microperfusion samples quantify eicosanoids in a rat model of skin inflammation[S]

Purification and Analytics of a Monoclonal Antibody from Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells Using an Automated Microbioreactor System.

An HPLC Ultraviolet Method Using Low Sample Volume and Protein Precipitation for the Measurement of Retinol in Human Serum Suitable for Laboratories in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.

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Evidence for nonlinear accumulation of the ultrapotent fentanyl analog, carfentanil, after systemic administration to male rats

Ni(II)-decorated porous titania microspheres as a stationary phase for column chromatography applications: Highly selective purification of hemoglobin from human blood.

Understanding partial saturation in paper microfluidics enables alternative device architectures

Fixed-Path Length Laser-Induced Sound Pinging: A Streamlined Method for Sound Speed Determination in Arbitrary Liquids

Two-Dimensional General Rate Model of Liquid Chromatography Incorporating Finite Rates of Adsorption−Desorption Kinetics and Core−Shell Particles

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A Multiplexed, Point-of-Care Sensing for Dengue

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Volume Samples 볼륨 샘플

Volume Samples 볼륨 샘플
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