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Layer-by-layer self-assembled nanocomposite membranes via bio-inspired mineralization for pervaporation dehydration

Effect of Graphite and Copper Nano-Particles on Free Volume Properties of PVC/NBR Blends Studied by Pal Spectroscopy

Volumetric and viscometric investigation of aqueous solution of [Bmim][BF4] from 288.15 to 318.15 K

Nitrided FeNi: Chemical versus magnetovolume effects from ab initio

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Utilization of steel slag in ultra-high performance concrete with enhanced eco-friendliness

Model‐based hypervolumes for complex ecological data

Permeability-porosity relations from single image of natural rock: Subsampling approach

Thermomechanical and Free-Volume Properties of Polyester–Polyol Films for Coatings Applications: Role of Diol Composition

Microstructural free volume and dynamics of cryoprotective DMSO–water mixtures at low DMSO concentration

Experimental and Molecular Simulation of Volumetric Properties of Methyl Nonanoate, n-Dodecane, and Their Binary Mixtures

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Volume Properties 볼륨 속성

Volume Properties 볼륨 속성
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