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A Comparison of Isotoxic Dose-escalated Radiotherapy in Lung Cancer with Moderate Deep Inspiration Breath Hold, Mid-ventilation and Internal Target Volume Techniques.

Dosimetric and Radiobiological Comparison of External Beam Radiotherapy Using Simultaneous Integrated Boost Technique for Esophageal Cancer in Different Location

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Ovarian Transposition Prior to Pelvic Radiotherapy: Spatial Distribution and Dose Volume Analysis.

Stereotactic Radiosurgery to greater than 10 brain metastases: Evidence to support the role of radiosurgery for ideal hippocampal sparing in the treatment of multiple brain metastases.

Validation of Automated Segmentation Algorithms.

The dosimetric impact of deep learning-based auto-segmentation of organs at risk on nasopharyngeal and rectal cancer

Volumetric modulated arc therapy versus intensity-modulated proton therapy in the irradiation of infra diaphragmatic Hodgkin Lymphoma in female patients.

Stem Cell Migration: A Possible Mechanism for the Tissue-Sparing Effect of Spatially Fractionated Radiation.

The Dosimetric Impact of Deep Learning-Based Auto-Segmentation of Organs at Risk on Nasopharyngeal and Rectal Cancer

Connectivity-based convolutional neural network for classifying point clouds

Spatial Agreement of Brainstem Dose Distributions Depending on Biological Model in Proton Therapy for Pediatric Brain Tumors

Deep learning dose prediction for IMRT of esophageal cancer: The effect of data quality and quantity on model performance.

Multiobjective optimization of underground power cable systems

Turning Up the Volume to Address Biases in Predicted Healthcare-Associated Infections and Enhance U.S. Hospital Rankings: A Data-Driven Approach.

Early-onset symptomatic radiation necrosis after stereotactic radiosurgery in the setting of COVID-19 infection

Longitudinal Changes in the Sensorimotor Pathways of Very Preterm Infants During the First Year of Life With and Without Intervention: A Pilot Study

Improved Ipsilateral Breast and Chest Wall Sparing With MR-Guided 3-fraction Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation: A Dosimetric Study Comparing MR-Linac and CT-Linac Plans

Predicting radiation pneumonitis with fuzzy clustering neural network using 4DCT ventilation image based dosimetric parameters

Dosimetric and radiobiological comparison of treatment plan between CyberKnife and EDGE in stereotactic body radiotherapy for pancreatic cancer

Toxicity at 1 year after Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy in 3 Fractions for Localized Prostate Cancer.

Multi-objective particle swarm optimization with R2 indicator and adaptive method

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Volume Metrics 볼륨 메트릭

Volume Metrics 볼륨 메트릭
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