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Volume Histograms sentence examples within planning target volume

Dosimetric comparison of three‐dimensional conformal radiotherapy and intensity‐modulated radiotherapy for left‐sided chest wall and lymphatic irradiation

Dosimetric comparison of two treatment planning systems for spine SBRT.

Volume Histograms sentence examples within tumor control probability

Радиобиологическая оценка дозиметрических планов для стереотаксической радиотерапии рака предстательной железы в зависимости от режима фракционирования

Objective assessment of the effects of tumor motion in radiation therapy.

Volume Histograms sentence examples within normal tissue complication

New method to calculate the tumor control probability for PPIR

Biological Indices Evaluation of Various Treatment Techniques for Left-Sided Breast Treatment.

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Volume Histograms sentence examples within Dose Volume Histograms

Results of a multicenter intensity modulated radiation therapy treatment planning comparison study for a sample prostate cancer case

Dosimetric comparison of two treatment planning systems for spine SBRT.

Volume Histograms sentence examples within volume histograms calculated

Pseudo-CT Generation for MRI-Only Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning: Comparison Among Patch-Based, Atlas-Based, and Bulk Density Methods.

Pretreatment CLR 124 Positron Emission Tomography Accurately Predicts CLR 131 Three-Dimensional Dosimetry in a Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Patient.

Adjacent level fracture incidence in single fraction high dose spinal radiosurgery.

Skin DVHs predict cutaneous toxicity in Head and Neck Cancer patients treated with Tomotherapy.

Acute severe radiation pneumonitis among non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients with moderate pulmonary dysfunction receiving definitive concurrent chemoradiotherapy: Impact of pre-treatment pulmonary function parameters

Elective nodal irradiation with simultaneous integrated boost stereotactic body radiotherapy for pancreatic cancer: Analyses of planning feasibility and geometrically driven DVH prediction model

Effect of dose constraint on the thyroid gland during locoregional intensity‐modulated radiotherapy in breast cancer patients

Technical Assessment of an Automated Treatment Planning on Dose Escalation of Pancreas Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy

Offline adaptive radiation therapy in the treatment of prostate cancer: a case study.

A framework for clinical validation of automatic contour propagation: standardizing geometric and dosimetric evaluation.

Influence of Radiation Dose to Reconstructed Breast Following Mastectomy on Complication in Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Two-Stage Prosthetic Breast Reconstruction

Second malignant neoplasm risk after craniospinal irradiation in X-ray-based techniques compared to proton therapy


Simulation and experimental validation of a prototype electron beam linear accelerator for preclinical studies.

Lymphopaenia and accidental splenic doses: Do they have any prognostic value for locally advanced gastric cancer patients treated with radiochemotherapy?

Radiation-induced brachial plexus toxicity after SBRT of apically located lung lesions

Dynamic conformal arcs for lung stereotactic body radiation therapy: A comparison with volumetric‐modulated arc therapy

Effect of setup and inter-fraction anatomical changes on the accumulated dose in CT-guided breath-hold intensity modulated proton therapy of liver malignancies.

Hypopituitarism After Cranial Irradiation for Meningiomas: A Single-Institution Experience.

Intensity modulation radiation therapy as alternative primary non‐surgical treatment of upper tract urothelial carcinoma

Postradiation hypothyroidism in head and neck cancers: A Department of Veterans Affairs single-institution case-control dosimetry study.

The Potential Role of Intensity-modulated Proton Therapy in the Regional Nodal Irradiation of Breast Cancer: A Treatment Planning Study.

Tumor-Infiltrating T Cell Receptor-Beta Repertoires are Linked to the Risk of Late Chemoradiation-Induced Temporal Lobe Necrosis in Locally Advanced Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma.

Optimization of the accelerated partial breast brachytherapy fractionation considering radiation effect on planning target and organs at risk.

Secondary cancer risk after Whole-breast radiation therapy: Field-in-Field versus Intensity-Modulated radiation therapy versus Volumetric-Modulated arc therapy.

Immediate Pain Relief Elicited After Radiosurgery for Classical and Symptomatic Trigeminal Neuralgia

Reproduction of a left-breast 3DCRT field-in-field radiation therapy planning in an anthropomorphic and anthropometric phantom

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A dosimetric study of automated intensity-modulated radiotherapy planning for rectal cancer patients based on Pinnacle3 system

Dosimetric comparison of the INTRABEAM and Axxent for intraoperative breast radiotherapy.

The Risk of Radiogenic Second Cancer Based on Differential DVH: Central Nervous System Malignant Tumor in Children

The mean absolute dose deviation-A common metric for the evaluation of dose-volume histograms in radiation therapy.

Investigating the role of constrained CVT and CVT in HIPO inverse planning for HDR brachytherapy of prostate cancer.

Tratamiento del meduloblastoma: comparación entre arcoterapia volumétrica modulada y radioterapia conformada tridimensional


Deep learning-based virtual non-contrast CT for volumetric modulated arc therapy planning: Comparison with a dual-energy CT-based approach.

Modeling daily changes in organ-at-risk anatomy in a cohort of pancreatic cancer patients.

Liver dose reduction by deep inspiration breath hold technique in right-sided breast irradiation

Analysis of differences between 99mTc-MAA SPECT- and 90Y-microsphere PET-based dosimetry for hepatocellular carcinoma selective internal radiation therapy

Comparison of deep inspiration breath hold and free breathing technique in left breast cancer irradiation: a dosimetric evaluation in 40 patients

Dosimetric Effect Resulting From the Collimator Angle, the Isocenter Move, and the Gantry Angle Errors

Dose-Constraint Model to Predict Neuroendocrine Dysfunction in Young Patients With Brain Tumors: Data From a Prospective Study.

Treatment planning optimization with beam motion modeling for dynamic arc delivery of SBRT using Cyberknife with multileaf collimation

Radio‐morphology: Parametric shape‐based features in radiotherapy

Linking dose delivery accuracy and planning target margin in radiosurgery based on dose-volume histograms derived from measurement-guided dose reconstruction.

Forward- and Inverse-Planned Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy in the CHHiP Trial: A Comparison of Dosimetry and Normal Tissue Toxicity

Assessing Functionality and Benefits of Comprehensive Dose Volume Prescriptions: An International, Multi-Institutional, Treatment Planning Study in Spine Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy.

High Dose 3D Conformal Radiotherapy of Prostate Cancer Using Spaceoar Gel

Investigation of Optimal Physical Parameters for Precise Proton Irradiation of Orthotopic Tumors in Small Animals.

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Volume Histograms 볼륨 히스토그램

Volume Histograms 볼륨 히스토그램
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