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Non-Uniform Crowding Enhances Transport.

Non-uniform Crowding Enhances Transport: Relevance to Biological Environments

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Flexible, stretchable and magnetic [email protected]/elastomer with supramolecular interfacial crosslinking for enhancing mechanical and electromagnetic interference shielding performance

Generic Method to Create Segregated Structures toward Robust, Flexible, Highly Conductive Elastomer Composites.

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Revisiting the Origin of Nanopore Current Blockage for Volume Difference Sensing at the Atomic Level

Is the Volume Exclusion Model Practicable for Nanopore Protein Sequencing?

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Dynamic behavior of elevators under random inflow of passengers.

The high thermal conductive and flexible boron nitride/silicone rubber composites with segregated structure

Refolding of Hemoglobin Under Macromolecular Confinement: Impersonating In Vivo Volume Exclusion.

Ultra-Low Percolation Threshold Induced by Thermal Treatments in Co-Continuous Blend-Based PP/PS/MWCNTs Nanocomposites

Effect of Molecular Crowding on Complexation of Metal Ions and 8-Quinolinol-5-Sulfonic Acid.

Multifunctional NR/MWCNTs nanocomposites constructed via combining volume exclusion of SiO2 microspheres with interface reinforcement of tannic acid

Crowding Milleu stabilizes apo-myoglobin against chemical-induced denaturation: Dominance of hardcore repulsions in the heme devoid protein.

Pore-scale study of non-ideal gas dynamics under tight confinement considering rarefaction, denseness and molecular interactions

Salting Up of Proteins at the Air/Water Interface.

Crowding-Induced Elongated Conformation of Urea-Unfolded Apoazurin: Investigating the Role of Crowder Shape in Silico.

pSpatiocyte: a high-performance simulator for intracellular reaction-diffusion systems

Persistent exclusion processes: Inertia, drift, mixing, and correlation.

Modeling the electrical double layer to understand the reaction environment in a CO2 electrocatalytic system

Induced charge electroosmotic flow with finite ion size and solvation effects.

Particle-Based Simulation Reveals Macromolecular Crowding Effects on the Michaelis-Menten Mechanism

Continuous precipitation for monoclonal antibody capture using countercurrent washing by microfiltration

Identity crisis in alchemical space drives the entropic colloidal glass transition

Throughput reduction on the air-ground transport system by the simultaneous effect of multiple traveling routes equipped with parking sites.

Modelling ultrafiltration performance by integrating local (critical) fluxes along the membrane length

Molecular and macromolecular crowding-induced stabilization of proteins: Effect of dextran and its building block alone and their mixtures on stability and structure of lysozyme.

Fabrication of a highly tough, strong, and stiff carbon nanotube/epoxy conductive composite with an ultralow percolation threshold via self-assembly

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Volume Exclusion 볼륨 제외

Volume Exclusion 볼륨 제외
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