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Volume Averaging sentence examples within heat transfer rate

Air-Side Fin Geometry of a Tube-Strip Heat Exchanger for Fuel Cell Vehicles

Volume Averaging sentence examples within Partial Volume Averaging

Improved coronary calcification quantification using photon-counting-detector CT: an ex vivo study in cadaveric specimens

3D MRI of the Knee.

Volume Averaging sentence examples within Local Volume Averaging

Pore density effect on a heat exchanger in aluminum foam with flat-tubes

A quantitative comparison of phase-averaged models for bubbly, cavitating flows

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Volume Averaging sentence examples within Focal Volume Averaging

Strong-field photoelectron momentum imaging of OCS at finely resolved incident intensities

Interplay of pulse duration, peak intensity, and particle size in laser-driven electron emission from silica nanospheres.

Volume Averaging sentence examples within Inherent Volume Averaging

Modelling the Wind Turbine Inflow with a Reduced Order Model based on SpinnerLidar Measurements

Reconstruction of volume averaging effect‐free continuous photon beam profiles from discrete ionization chamber array measurements using a machine learning technique

Volume Averaging sentence examples within volume averaging method

Investigation of the effect of thermal resistance on the performance of phase change materials

Multiscale modeling of a membrane bioreactor for the treatment of oil and grease rendering wastewaters

Volume Averaging sentence examples within volume averaging effect

Volume averaging effect in nonlinear processes of focused laser fields.

Multi-geometric parameters Gaussian fitting algorithm for rotated elliptical beam profiling using pixel ion-chamber.

Volume Averaging sentence examples within volume averaging technique

Evaluation and observability analysis of an improved reduced-order electrochemical model for lithium-ion battery

Upscaling of polymer adsorption

Volume Averaging sentence examples within volume averaging theory

Comparison of optimal thermal performances of finned tube annuli with various fin shapes

Induced polarization of volcanic rocks. 3. Imaging clay cap properties in geothermal fields

Volume Averaging sentence examples within volume averaging approach

Investigation on composition distribution of dissimilar laser cladding process using a three-phase model

Reaction engineering approach for modeling single wood particle drying at elevated air temperature

‘Pseudo-septum’ Appearance in Septal Agenesis on Fetal MRI

Application of upscaling methods for fluid flow and mass transport in multi-scale heterogeneous media: A critical review

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Reactive Flows in Porous Media: Challenges in Theoretical and Numerical Methods.

CT Volumetry of Convoluted Objects—A Simple Method Using Volume Averaging

Determination of the correction factors used in Fricke dosimetry for HDR 192Ir sources employing the Monte Carlo method.

Saturating multiple ionization in intense mid-infrared laser fields

Miniaturized scintillator dosimeter for small field radiation therapy

PREEMACS: Pipeline for preprocessing and extraction of the macaque brain surface

Monte Carlo calculation of detector perturbation and quality correction factors in a 1.5 T magnetic resonance guided radiation therapy small photon beams.

Cema-based formalism for the determination of absorbed dose for high energy photon beams.

Modeling of interfacial flows based on an explicit volume diffusion concept

Digital Rock Physics: computation of hydrodynamic dispersion

Spatial Averaging Schemes of In Situ Electric Field for Low-Frequency Magnetic Field Exposures

Characterization of a plastic scintillating detector for the Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP)

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Frontiers in Cryo Electron Microscopy of Complex Macromolecular Assemblies.

A Monte Carlo Study on the PTW 60019 MicroDiamond Detector.

Interactions between the trimeric autotransporter adhesin EmaA and collagen revealed by 3D Electron Tomography.

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Modeling heat transfer in gas-particle mixtures: Calculation of the macro-scale heat exchange in Eulerian–Lagrangian approaches using spatial averaging

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Experimentally validated multi-scale fracture modelling scheme of cementitious materials

X-ray physics-based CT-to-composition conversion applied to a tissue engineering scaffold, enabling multiscale simulation of its elastic behavior.

Rescattering effects in streaking experiments of strong-field ionization

Exploring Compatibility of Sherwood-Gilland NAPL Dissolution Models with Micro-Scale Physics Using an Alternative Volume Averaging Approach

Mathematical modeling of mass transport in partitioning bioreactors

Frequency-splitting estimators of single-propagator traces

Natural convection of hybrid nanofluids inside a partitioned porous cavity for application in solar power plants

VMAT and IMRT plan‐specific correction factors for linac‐based ionization chamber dosimetry

Evaluation of Wind Speed Retrieval from Continuous-Wave Lidar Measurements of a Wind Turbine Wake Using Virtual Lidar Techniques

Volume Averaging for Urban Canopies

Model of Cooling of Compact Surfaces by Microchannel Recuperative Heat Exchangers with a Matrix of Filamentary Silicon Single Crystals

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Volume Averaging 볼륨 평균

Volume Averaging 볼륨 평균
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