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An imaging method to measure conformational changes of voltage sensors of endogenous ion channels in tissue

Optical measurement of endogenous ion channel voltage sensor activation in tissue

Direct effects of cigarette smoke in pulmonary arterial cells: Implications in arterial remodeling and vascular tone maintenance

Potassium ions promote hexokinase-II dependent glycolysis

A- and D-type potassium currents regulate axonal action potential repolarization in midbrain dopamine neurons

Musculoskeletal Features without Ataxia Associated with a Novel de novo Mutation in KCNA1 Impairing the Voltage Sensitivity of Kv1.1 Channel

Loss-of-function variants in the KCNQ5 gene are associated with genetic generalized epilepsies

Identification of MKRN1 as a second E3 ligase for Eag1 potassium channels reveals regulation via differential degradation

Reciprocal changes in voltage-gated potassium and subthreshold inward currents help maintain firing dynamics of AVPV kisspeptin neurons during the estrous cycle

Peptide Toxins Targeting KV Channels.

Triad interaction stabilizes the voltage sensor domains in a constitutively open KCNQ1-KCNE3 channel

Optogenetic control of the guard cell membrane potential and stomatal movement by the light-gated anion channel GtACR1

Hydrogen sulfide regulates hippocampal neuron excitability via S-sulfhydration of Kv2.1

BK channel-forming slo1 proteins mediate the brain artery constriction evoked by the neurosteroid pregnenolone

CIB2 and CIB3 are auxiliary subunits of the mechanotransduction channel of hair cells

A Bioinspired Glycopolymer for Capturing Membrane Proteins in Native-Like Lipid-Bilayer Nanodiscs

Kv1.3 induced hyperpolarisation and Cav3.2-mediated calcium entry are required for efficient Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus lytic replication

Kv7 Channels and Excitability Disorders.

Sevoflurane excites nociceptive sensory neurons by inhibiting K+ conductances in rats

Regulation of large-conductance Ca2+- and voltage-gated K+ channels by electrostatic interactions with auxiliary β subunits

Effect of Kv3 channel modulators on auditory temporal resolution in aged Fischer 344 rats

Reciprocal Changes in Voltage-Gated Potassium and Subthreshold Inward Currents Help Maintain Firing Dynamics of AVPV Kisspeptin Neurons during the Estrous Cycle

Kv4.3 Channel Dysfunction Contributes to Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain Manifested with Orofacial Cold Hypersensitivity in Rats

Modulation of the IKS channel by PIP2 requires two binding sites per monomer

Is the Debate on the Flecainide Action on the RYR2 in CPVT Closed?

A missense KCNQ1 Mutation Impairs Insulin Secretion in Neonatal Diabetes

IL-17 Inhibits Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cell Proliferation and Differentiation by Increasing K+ Channel Kv1.3

Neurotoxic: Ciguatoxin and brevetoxin—From excitotoxicity to neurotherapeutics

PIP2-dependent coupling of voltage sensor and pore domains in Kv7.2 channel.

Mitochondrial Oxidative Stress Enhances Vasoconstriction by Altering Calcium Homeostasis in Cerebrovascular Smooth Muscle Cells under Simulated Microgravity.

A general mechanism of KCNE1 modulation of KCNQ1 channels involving non-canonical VSD-PD coupling

Age-dependent transition from islet insulin hypersecretion to hyposecretion in mice with the long QT-syndrome loss-of-function mutation Kcnq1-A340V

Compromised N-Glycosylation Processing of Kv3.1b Correlates with Perturbed Motor Neuron Structure and Locomotor Activity

Altered Expression of Ion Channels in White Matter Lesions of Progressive Multiple Sclerosis: What Do We Know About Their Function?

Kv1.3 Channel Up-Regulation in Peripheral Blood T Lymphocytes of Patients With Multiple Sclerosis

Non-canonical molecular targets for novel analgesics: Intracellular calcium and HCN channels.

NMDA receptor–BK channel coupling regulates synaptic plasticity in the barrel cortex

Nonthermal and reversible control of neuronal signaling and behavior by midinfrared stimulation

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and Concealed Long-QT Syndrome.

Exposure to low temperature prepares the turtle brain to withstand anoxic environments during overwintering.

KCNQ3 is the principal target of retigabine in CA1 and subicular excitatory neurons.

Fluorescent toxins as ion channel activity sensors.

Minimal-invasive enhancement of auditory perception by terahertz wave modulation

The voltage-gated K+ channel Kv1.3 modulates platelet motility and α2β1 integrin-dependent adhesion to collagen.

Why do platelets express K+ channels?

The protein kinase SlCIPK23 boosts K+ and Na+ uptake in tomato plants.

Structural basis for C-type inactivation in a Shaker family voltage gated K+ channel

Ca2+-Dependent Protein Kinase 6 Enhances KAT2 Shaker Channel Activity in Arabidopsis thaliana

Subcellular localization of the voltage-gated K+ channel EGL-36 , a member of the KV3 subfamily, in the ciliated sensory neurons in C. elegans

NMDA receptor–BK channel coupling regulates synaptic plasticity in the barrel cortex

Changes in ion channel expression and function associated with cardiac arrhythmogenic remodeling by Sorbs2.

The phosphorylation state of both hERG and KvLQT1 mediates protein-protein interactions between these complementary cardiac potassium channel alpha subunits.

Piperine blocks voltage gated K+ current and inhibits proliferation in androgen sensitive and insensitive human prostate cancer cell lines.

Modulatory Effect of Selected Dietary Phytochemicals on Delayed Rectifier K+ Current in Human Prostate Cancer Cells

Potassium channels in omnipause neurons.

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