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Ultra-Low Power Memory Circuit Unit for Space Application

An Energy-Efficient Level Shifter Using Time Borrowing Technique for Ultra Wide Voltage Conversion from Sub-200mV to 3.0V

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Spider beam source ready for operation

Multilevel PWM: A Tool to Explore Insulation PD Characteristics

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Development of universal algorithm of voltage circuits detecting faults of microprocessor protection and automation devices

Versatile BiCMOS Technology Platform for the Low-cost Integration of Multi-purpose Applications

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The overcurrent protection characteristics testing digital substation intelligent electric devices

Behavior of Residual Current Devices at Frequencies up to 50 kHz

ATP analysis of TRV applied to the medium voltage circuit of solar and onshore wind power plants

Dissolving and Regeneration of meta-Aramid Paper: Converting Loose Structure into Consolidated Networks with Enhanced Mechanical and Insulation Properties.

Development and Research of the Current Measurement Scheme for Insulation Tests with High Voltage Industrial Frequency

A 16-nm Always-On DNN Processor With Adaptive Clocking and Multi-Cycle Banked SRAMs

A Versatile SoC/SiP Sensor Interface for Industrial Applications: Design Considerations

Особенности выключения мощного составного транзистора при работе на индуктивную нагрузку

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Voltage Circuits 전압 회로

Voltage Circuits 전압 회로
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