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Environmental impact of tires used in marine construction

Physical and mechanical properties of cement board made from oil palm empty fruit bunch fibre: A review

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Conjugated Molecular Nanotubes.

Cage-Confinement Pyrolysis Strategy to Synthesize Hollow Carbon Nanocage-Coated Copper Phosphide for Stable and High-Capacity Potassium-Ion Storage.

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Confined Polysulfides in N-Doped 3D-CNTs Network for High Performance Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

A new focus on the structure and mechanics of CuO-modified P2O5-V2O5 glasses

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Comparison of Bone Regeneration in Different Forms of Bovine Bone Scaffolds with Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2

An approach to assessment of post mining-induced seismic hazard in Kolar Gold Fields mines – a review

The Deformation Characteristics and Lateral Stress of Roadside Crushed Rocks with Different Particles in Non-Pillar Coal Mining

Permeability changes in fractured Tamusu mudstone in the context of radioactive waste disposal

Comparative CFD modeling of a bubbling bed using a Eulerian–Eulerian two-fluid model (TFM) and a Eulerian-Lagrangian dense discrete phase model (DDPM)

Limited Entry Perforation Configurations Effect on Proppant Transport and Distribution in Fresh Water

Overburden analysis and seal integrity study for CO2 sequestration in the North Sea (OASIS)

Carbon dioxide-based enhanced oil recovery methods to evaluate tight oil reservoirs productivity: A laboratory perspective coupled with geo-sequestration feature

Experiments with unsupervised analysis of lacunarity curves of LiDAR point clouds in forested areas

An Experimental Study of Porous Hydroxyapatite Scaffold Bioactivity in Biomedical Applications

A Hierarchically Three-Dimensional Coni/N-Doped Porous Carbon Nanosheets with High Performance of Electromagnetic Wave Absorption

Benzyltrimethylammonium cadmium dicyanamide with polar order in multiple phases and prospects for linear and nonlinear optical temperature sensing.

A Safe and Cost Effective Diverless Method for Hull Wetted Surface Side Shell Repairs Executed On FPSO Fluminense

Numerical study for the improvement of bead spreading architecture with modified nozzle geometries in additive manufacturing of polymers

Physicochemical properties of sustainable caped ZnO-Dendrimer nanocomposite with aqueous DMSO interfaces from 298.15–313.15 K

Quality Evaluation of Epoxy Pore Casts Using Silicon Micromodels: Application to Confocal Imaging of Carbonate Samples

Interaction of epoxy-based hydrogels and water: A molecular dynamics simulation study.

Calcium carbonate crystal fans: Geologic occurrences and controls on growth

Laboratory investigation of clayey soils improvement using sepiolite as an additive; Engineering performances and micro-scale analysis

Selective capture of carbon dioxide from hydrocarbons using a metal-organic framework

Adsorbing Volatile Organic Chemicals by Soluble Triazine-Based Dendrimers under Ambient Conditions with the Adsorption Capacity of Pyridine up to 946.2 mg/g

Designing antiviral surfaces to suppress the spread of COVID-19

The influence of surfactant Pluronic P123 addition on the mixed matrix membrane PEBAX 2533 – ZIF-8 separation properties

MOF-derived hollow heterostructures for advanced electrocatalysis

Classification of Void Space Types in Fractured-Vuggy Carbonate Reservoir Using Geophysical Logging: A Case Study on the Sinian Dengying Formation of the Sichuan Basin, Southwest China

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Void Spaces 보이드 스페이스

Void Spaces 보이드 스페이스
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