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Vlsi Circuits sentence examples within physical design automation

Disjoint Clustering in Combinatorial Circuits

Clustering without replication in combinatorial circuits

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Design of 0.8V, 22 nm DG-FinFET based efficient VLSI multiplexers

Beyond-Silicon Devices: Considerations for Circuits and Architectures

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Integrating Drain Gating and Lector Techniques for Leakage Power Reduction in Ultra Deep Submicron Technology

Machine Learning Based Power Estimation for CMOS VLSI Circuits

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Designing of Adiabatic Approach for Power Efficient Full Adder Circuits

GDI Logic Based Design of Hamming-Code Encoder and Decoder for Error Free Data Communication

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ALIFRouter: A Practical Architecture-Level Inter-FPGA Router for Logic Verification

Tuning Logic Simulator for Estimation of VLSI Timing Degradation under Aging

Low-Power Subthreshold Adiabatic Logic for Combinational and Sequential Circuits

IDE Development, Logic Synthesis and Buffer/Splitter Insertion Framework for Adiabatic Quantum-Flux-Parametron Superconducting Circuits

Summary and Suggestions for Future Research

Test Pattern Generation using NLFSR for Detecting Single Stuck-at Faults

Analysis and optimization scheme of a 2nd-order passive noise shaping SAR ADC architecture

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DiaNet: An Efficient Multi-Grained Re-configurable Neural Network in Silicon

Test Data Compression Methods: A Review

A Sparsity-Aware MOR Methodology for Fast and Accurate Timing Analysis of VLSI Interconnects

Chip Performance and Power

An Efficient Current Mode MVL Residue Code Checker for Fault-Tolerant Arithmetic

Efficient Compression-Based Line Buffer Design for Image/Video Processing Circuits

Variations in Device Characteristics

Study on Early Capture Based VLSI Aging Monitoring Techniques

Sub-terahertz testing of millimeter wave Monolithic and very large scale integrated circuits

Novel Approach for Sleep Transistor Sizing to Suppress Power and Ground Bouncing Noise in MTCMOS Clustering Technique

TCAD Simulation on FinFET n-type Power Device HCI Reliability Improvement

Modeling of Superconducting Passive Transmission Lines

Design of a Highly Reliable and Reconfigurable Pulsed Latch Circuits

Voltage deviate-domino circuits for low power high-speed applications using prescient innovation model

Investigating the effect of nanoparticles diameter on turbulent flow and heat transfer properties of non-Newtonian carboxymethyl cellulose/CuO fluid in a microtube

Multi Header Based Ultra Low Power MTCMOS Technique to Reduce NBTI Effect in Combinational Circuit

Introduction to the Special Issue on the 2018 Symposium on VLSI Circuits

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Analysis of triangular CNT bundle interconnects for current mode signalling

A Prufer-Sequence Based Representation of Large Graphs for Structural Encoding of Logic Networks

Optimal SAT-based Minimum Adder Synthesis of Linear Transformations

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Vlsi Circuits VLSI 회로

Vlsi Circuits VLSI 회로
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