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In the uncanny valley, transportation predicts narrative enjoyment more than empathy, but only for the tragic hero

A Theoretical Framework for Interactive Visual Narratives (IVN)

Visual Narratives sentence examples within Dominant Visual Narratives

Dominant Visual Narrative, the Competitive Marketing and Metacritical Functions of Illustrations, and Robert Morison’s 1793 Edition of James Thomson’s The Seasons

Discipline and desire in spaces of reading

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Communicative functions of visual metonymies in picture books targeted at children in two different age groups. A multimodal analysis

Reading the Invisible in Marjane Satrapi’s Graphic Memoir Embroideries

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La ficción seriada desde el mitoanálisis: aproximación cualitativa a los argumentos universales en Netflix, Prime Video y HBO

Moroccan Facebook Visual Narratives and Cultural Production

“This is the story of me”: Designing audiovisual narratives to support reflection on cancer journeys

Entre nós:: leituras e olhares feministas sobre a representação das mulheres em narrativas arqueológicas e visuais

Political Iconography and Emotions in Electoral Campaigns: A Communicative Approach

Nuovi mondi narrativi

Naming Human Diseases: Ethical Principles of Curating Exclusive Substitute for Inopportune Nosology

The Role of the Museum Space Narrative in Constructing Historical Memory

A starring role for inference in the neurocognition of visual narratives

Narratives as Networks: Predicting Memory from the Structure of Naturalistic Events

Alma-Ata: some architectural narratives of the soviet city

Teacher Learning to Craft a Vision of Reflexive Praxis

Design & cinema: A timeline of graphic design in film

Beyond Polaroid: Visual Rhetoric in Shaping Refugee’s Identity

From screenwriting to montage, evidence to understand the evolution of audiovisual narratives

A Walk through Contemporary South Asian Textile “Daatsans”

The electrophysiology of audiovisual processing in visual narratives in adolescents with autism spectrum disorder

Creating empathy for the more-than-human under 2 degrees heating

Involving student teachers in the recovery of our elders’ memories: a service-learning project in higher education

Data Comics for Reporting Controlled User Studies in Human-Computer Interaction

Exposure to serial audiovisual narratives increases empathy via vicarious interactions

COVID ISSUE: Visual Narratives About COVID-19 Improve Message Accessibility, Self-Efficacy, and Health Precautions


Visualising urban redevelopment: Photovoice as a narrative research method for investigating redevelopment processes and outcomes

The Latinx Fantastic: Robert Rodriguez and the Power of His Speculative Storytelling

Transportation into Audio-visual Narratives: A Closer Look

Myths in visual environmental activism narratives on Instagram

Transformaciones en las narrativas audiovisuales desde una perspectiva de género=Transformations in audiovisual narratives from a gender perspective

Telling refugees’ stories: Testimony and hospitality in graphic novel L’Odyssée d’Hakim by Fabien Toulmé

Ethics and Narratives: An Analysis of Commercials of Patanjali Ayurveda

Art Museums and Galleries: Retrospective Repertoire of Imaginative Freedom

Las actividades musicales preferidas de la voz de los propios niños y niñas de cuatro años. Un estudio exploratorio

Medellín: Body and Territory

Narrative sequence position of close-ups influences cognitive and affective processing and facilitates theory of mind

Disegno e comprensione del paesaggio: il virtuoso passaggio di scala nella rappresentazione digitale

Usuários de crack: histórias de vida e subjetividade em narrativas audiovisuais

Visual narrative comprehension: Universal or not?

Экспериментальные повествовательные стратегии в комиксах

Media Futurism: Time Warps of Future Media Homes in Speculative Films and Corporate Videos

Applying cartosemiotics to rock art: an example from Aspeberget, Sweden

Young Children’s Humorous Stories: A Force for Positive Emotions

Dismemberment: Dismembered Landscapes

Narrativas audiovisuais sobre a Antiguidade Clássica: a representação do Imperador Augusto no cinema e na TV



Insights into Insights: Visual Narratives of Medical Imaging and Intervention Technologies and the Popular Viscourse

La narración audiovisual como documento social e histórico: enfoques teóricos y métodos analíticos

Visualizing Coastal Risks in the Fraser River Delta

Digital Strategies for Building Spiritual Intimacy: Families on a “Wired” Camino

Tradición legendaria durante el auge del cine gallego de animación: tres aproximaciones narrativas

Racialized narratives in Dutch history textbooks: a critical race examination

The Great War and Polish Memory. Architectural Forms of Commemoration and the Myth of a New State

The making of the ‘new woman’: narratives in the popular illustrated press from the Ottoman Empire to the new Republic (1890–1920s)

A Social Semiotic Approach to the Attitudinal Meanings in Multimodal Texts

Creencias de los docentes sobre la competencia plurilingüe

Visual narratives and the mind: Comprehension, cognition, and learning

El cine y esos pueblitos: Mediaciones culturales de la memoria nacional

Medellín: Body and Territory

Fiction and Politics of Islamophobia: A Case Study of Greg Hrbek’s Not on Fire, but Burning

Sensing Affective Response to Visual Narratives

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Visual Narratives 시각적 내러티브

Visual Narratives 시각적 내러티브
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