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Psychometric Suitability of Adaptations to the Special Judo Fitness Test for Athletes With Visual Impairment

Contextual teaching and learning-based functional academic teaching materials for the teachers specialized in educating the students with visual impairment

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The Validity of Molecular Geometry Based Virtual Reality to Improve Student Visual-Spatial Intelligence in New Normal Era

Student spatial visual in geometry: the case of gender differences

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Towards Automated Keratoconus Screening Approach using Lateral Segment Photographed Images

Multitasking Compensatory Saccadic Training Program for Hemianopia Patients: A New Approach With 3-Dimensional Real-World Objects

Overview of pharmacological treatments for presbyopia

Impediments Perception Assistant for Efficacious Assistive Locomotion for Purblind Personage

Successful Aging Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults in Urban Areas of Liaoning Province: The Crucial Effect of Visual Ability

Exploring Asymmetric Roles in Mixed-Ability Gaming

Thresholds of polarization vision in octopuses

Empty Sella Syndrome as a Window Into the Neuroprotective Effects of Prolactin

Development of Learning Media for Learning Beginning Reading Based on Augmented Reality for Autistic Children

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Rorschach para deficientes visuais: apresentação de instruções e pranchas adaptadas:

Enhanced Information Flow From Cerebellum to Secondary Visual Cortices Leads to Better Surgery Outcome in Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy Patients: A Stochastic Dynamic Causal Modeling Study With Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Thresholds of polarization vision in octopuses.

The Quiet Eye durations of air pistol shooting athletes

Calibration of the Activity Inventory Item Bank: A Patient-Reported Outcome Measurement Instrument for Low Vision Rehabilitation

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The Potential of Podcast as Online Learning Media for Supporting Visual Impairment Students to Introduction to Education Course in Universitas Negeri Padang

Characterizing upper limb function in the context of activities of daily living in CLN3 disease

Passive Prey Discrimination in Surface Predatory Behaviour of Bait-Attracted White Sharks from Gansbaai, South Africa

Visual deficits and cognitive assessment of multiple sclerosis: confounder, correlate, or both?

Instrument-based screening for amblyopia risk factors in a primary care setting in children aged 18 to 30 months

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Detection of dental Fluorosis using enhanced K-means and Fuzzy C means

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Pesticides and removal approaches

Do motor-cognitive and motor–motor dual task training effect differently balance performance in older adults?

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Rinegan: A Scalable Image Processing Architecture for Large Scale Surveillance Applications

Probabilistic Principal Component Analysis and Long Short-Term Memory Classifier for Automatic Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease using MRI Brain Images

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Visual Ability 시각 능력

Visual Ability 시각 능력
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