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The Anatomy of Apology and Forgiveness: Towards Transformative Apology and Forgiveness

Collective memories and legacies of political violence in the Balkans

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Corazones virales. Del dolor a la alegría como política postviolencia en el Perú

Competing Visions and Contested Spaces in La sirga and Colombia magia salvaje

Brazilian Truth Commissions as Experiments of Representation: Between Impartiality and Proximity

The petro-developmental state in Africa: Making oil work in Angola, Nigeria and the Gulf of Guinea

The sensitive scars of the Second World War in teaching European history

History, violence and collective memory: Implications for mental health in Ecuador

Overcoming History, Becoming European?: politics of the Past and European Union Accession in Bulgaria and Serbia

Panorama das Comissões da Verdade no Brasil: uma reflexão sobre novos sentidos de legitimidade e representação democrática

Victims’ collective memory and transitional justice in post-conflict Colombia: The case of the March of Light:

Landscape biographies of commemoration

“Justice, Memory and Transnational Networks. European and South American Entanglements”*

Negotiating Relationships in Transition: War, Famine, and Embodied Accountability in Mozambique

The Pacific Tuna War

Constructing a national narrative in civil war: history teaching and national unity in South Sudan

Does individual and collective remembrance of past violence impede or foster reconciliation? From Argentina to Sri Lanka

Landscape biographies of commemoration

Reading the Present Through the Past: The Roma in Postwar Kosovo

Securitizing a European Borderland: The Bordering Effects of Memory Politics in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hoe een gewelddadig verleden dwingt tot zelfonderzoek

IntroductionRepresenting Violence in Twenty-First-Century Spain: Novels, Film and Performance Arts

The Administration of Post-War Memory in the Franco-German and Franco-Algerian Negotiations

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Violent Past 폭력적인 과거

Violent Past 폭력적인 과거
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