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Missed Targets, Reaction Times and Arousal are Related to Trait Anxiety and Attention to Pain During an Experimental Vigilance Task with a Painful Target.

Evaluative Social Presence can Improve Vigilance Performance, but Vigilance Is Still Hard Work and Is Stressful

Time course of cortical response complexity during extended wakefulness and its differential association with vigilance in young and older individuals.

Altered frontal connectivity after sleep deprivation predicts sustained attentional impairment: A resting‐state functional magnetic resonance imaging study

Effects of 2-hour nighttime nap on melatonin concentration and alertness during 12-hour simulated night work.

Task Engagement and the Vigilance Decrement Revisited: Expanding Upon the Work of Joel S. Warm Using a Semantic Vigilance Paradigm

Neuroergonomics and Vigilance: Probing the Event-Related Cerebral Hemodynamic Response

Dynamic Office Environments Improve Brain Activity and Attentional Performance Mediated by Increased Motor Activity

Transcranial Doppler Sonography in Neuroergonomics

Can sustained attention adapt to prior cognitive effort? An evidence from experimental study.

Driver Vigilance in Automated Vehicles: Effects of Demands on Hazard Detection Performance

Is Semantic Vigilance Impaired by Narrative Memory Demands? Theory and Applications

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Vigilance Performance 경계 성과

Vigilance Performance 경계 성과
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