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Optical-Mechanical Configuration of Imaging Operation for Endoscopic Scanner: A Review

Spectral Analysis of Nonlinear Vibration Effects Produced by Worn Gears and Damaged Bearing in Electromechanical Systems: A Condition Monitoring Approach

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Fluid-Structure interaction framework based on structured RANS solver

Performance Investigation of Circular TLD Devices Used in Wind Turbine Generation Tower via Both Experiment and Numerical Simulation

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In-well vibration effect on cement stone impermeability

Vibration Analysis for Pendent Pedestrian Path of a Long-Span Extradosed Bridge

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The influence of a TM wave on liquid flow in a capillary

The tightening parameters of the vibratory devices modify their disturbing postural effects.

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Blasting vibration effect on the buried pipeline: a brief overview

Possible Mechanisms for the Effects of Sound Vibration on Human Health

Fem Study to Analyze the Effect of Vibrations on Human Body Joints

Challenges and procedures for experiments with steady and unsteady model velocities in a water towing tank

Prospects for vibromechanical spheroidization of metal powders

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Influence of additional vibration loads on the processes of deformation and fracture of composite tubular samples

Research and engineering by REC “Mechanobr-technika” of additive technologies

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Analyzing sensitivity of the energy metabolism in the tissues of the heart, liver, kidney, and blood lymphocytes in rats to the effect of local vibration and pharmacological protection by a succinate-containing antihypoxanth

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BegrensSkade II – REMEDY – Risk Reduction of Groundwork Damage: An Overview

Oscillations simulation of the vibration protection suspended load with a movable base

Experimental Study of Milling Cutter with High Damping Alloy Sleeve

To the Problem of Vibration Resistance Ensuring of Microwave Radio Receivers

Effect of iridium spark plug gap on emission, noise, vibration of an internal combustion engine

Experimental and Numerical Simulation Study on the Shock and Vibration Effect of OD1422-X80 Mainline Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion

Effect of velocity and rheology of nanofluid on heat transfer of laminar vibrational flow through a pipe under constant heat flux

Dynamic Behaviour and Characteristics of Rubber Blade Car Performance

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Experimental investigation on the effect of vertical vibration on thermal performances of rectangular flat plate

Vibration effects in conditioning of metal powders

Vibration recycling technologies for mining and mineral processing waste for construction purposes

Perancangan alat bantu untuk proses penggantian track shoe pada unit excavator PC200-8

Influence of Variable Frequency Starting Parameters on Synchronous Motor Starting

Packaged Multi-Core Fiber Interferometer for High-Temperature Sensing

Experimental Studies of Steady-State Sources of Vibrations of Machinery Production Process Equipment to Substantiate Choice of Vibration Protection Methods

Axial Spacing Effects on Rotor-Rotor Interaction Noise and Vibration in a Contra-Rotating Fan

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Collapse mechanism analysis of the FIU pedestrian bridge based on the improved structural vulnerability theory (ISVT)

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Реконструкція напірних ґрунтових дамб та гребель водосховищ у стані критичної фільтрації

Combination of thermal cycling and vibration loading effects on the fatigue life of solder joints in a power module

Development of real-time visual monitoring system for vibration effects on fresh concrete

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Study of the Method of Obtaining Functional Interest-Metallic Coatings Based on Ni-Ti Reinforced with WC Nanoparticles

Research of concomitant shock-vibration noise of a piezoelectric motor in the mode of micro and nano speed

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Vibration Effects 진동 효과

Vibration Effects 진동 효과
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