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PI-Based SRM Speed Control System

A Review on Charging Systems for Electric Vehicles in Smart Cities

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Urban Planning Aspects of Ecological and Urban Planning Regulation Fundamentals for Main Street and Road Network Functioning and Forward Development

An Adaptable and Immersive Real Time Interface for Resolving System Limitations of Automated Vehicles with Teleoperation

Evaluation of pilot and quadcopter performance from open-loop mission-oriented flight testing

A set of shuttle plasmids for gene expression in Acinetobacter baumannii.

Hybrid Model for A Priori Performance Prediction of Multi-Job Type Swarm Search and Service Missions

Platoon of SAE Level-2 Automated Vehicles on Public Roads: Setup, Traffic Interactions, and Stability

Simulation Model of Internal Transportation at a Container Terminal to Determine the Number of Vehicles Required

Uma Infraestrutura para o Monitoramento e Predição de Rotas e Paradas de Ônibus no Transporte Universitário

Traffic Simulation-Based Approach for A Cradle-to-Grave Greenhouse Gases Emission Model

“Human” Problems in Semi-Autonomous Vehicles: Understanding Drivers’ Reactions to Off-Nominal Scenarios

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Vehicles Current 차량 현재

Vehicles Current 차량 현재
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