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Vehicle Fleets sentence examples within Electric Vehicle Fleets

Vehicle Energy Consumption in Python (VencoPy): Presenting and Demonstrating an Open-Source Tool to Calculate Electric Vehicle Charging Flexibility

Development and Integration of ICT Tools for Electric Mobility*

Vehicle Fleets sentence examples within Heterogeneou Vehicle Fleets

Sustainable vehicle routing problem for coordinated solid waste management

Efficient implementation of the genetic algorithm to solve rich vehicle routing problems

Vehicle Fleets sentence examples within Commercial Vehicle Fleets

What My Motion tells me about Your Pose: A Self-Supervised Monocular 3D Vehicle Detector

Dolly Steering Controller for Enhancing Low- and High-Speed Performance of High Capacity Vehicles

Vehicle Fleets sentence examples within Road Vehicle Fleets

Real-world emissions of carbonyls from vehicles in an urban tunnel in south China

Emission factors of ammonia for on-road vehicles in urban areas from a tunnel study in south China with laser-absorption based measurements.

Vehicle Fleets sentence examples within Traditional Vehicle Fleets

An agent-based simulation framework for the study of urban delivery

SimFleet: A New Transport Fleet Simulator Based on MAS

Vehicle Fleets sentence examples within Different Vehicle Fleets

Analyzing the Charging Flexibility Potential of Different Electric Vehicle Fleets Using Real-World Charging Data

Adaptive memory programming for the many-to-many vehicle routing problem with cross-docking

Vehicle Fleets sentence examples within Cell Vehicle Fleets

On the use of dynamic programming for optimal energy management of grid-connected reversible solid oxide cell-based renewable microgrids

A hydrogen supply chain with spatial resolution: Comparative analysis of infrastructure technologies in Germany

Vehicle Fleets sentence examples within Autonomou Vehicle Fleets

Implications of user and system optimum based traffic control considering autonomous fleets

Guidelines for the use of accelerated pavement testing data in autonomous vehicle infrastructure research

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Data perspective on environmental mobile crowd sensing

Automatic Preference Based Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm on Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Scheduling Optimization

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Development and study of ways to extend the multifuel capability of ICE

Decision support and strategies for the electrification of commercial fleets

A Comprehensive Survey of the Tactile Internet: State-of-the-Art and Research Directions

A Generic Multi-Agent Model for Resource Allocation Strategies in Online On-Demand Transport with Autonomous Vehicles

Spatially Disaggregated Car Ownership Prediction Using Deep Neural Networks

Social and Technological Impact of Businesses Surrounding Electric Vehicles

Vehicle-to-Grid in the UK fleet market: An analysis of upscaling potential in a changing environment

Intermodal Humanitarian Logistics Using Unit Load Devices

Long-term trends in nitrogen oxides concentrations and on-road vehicle emission factors in Copenhagen, London and Stockholm.

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Safe and Sustainable Fleet Management with Data Analytics and Training

Hydrogen refueling station cost model applied to five real case studies for fuel cell buses

Evaluating the role of behavior and social class in electric vehicle adoption and charging demands

Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Mobile Crowdsensing Systems with Dedicated Vehicles on Road Networks

SCNO: smart city network operator

Impact of low emissions vehicles on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Japan

V2V System Congestion Control Validation and Performance

Multiple vehicle synchronisation in a full truck-load pickup and delivery problem: A case-study in the biomass supply chain

Differentiation of Particulate Matter Sources Based on the Chemical Composition of PM10 in Functional Urban Areas

Evaluating the impact of spatio-temporal demand forecast aggregation on the operational performance of shared autonomous mobility fleets

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Road transport electrification and energy security in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations: Quantitative analysis and policy implications

Location of the optimal starting point in the vehicle routing problem with restricted capacity (CVRP)

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Vehicle Fleets 차량 함대

Vehicle Fleets 차량 함대
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