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Vehicle Equipped sentence examples within gasoline direct injection

Effects of driving conditions on secondary aerosol formation from a GDI vehicle using an oxidation flow reactor.

Application of a Diffusion Charger to Quantify Real-Time Particle Emissions from Light-Duty Vehicles: a Comparison Study with a Particle Size Spectrometer

Vehicle Equipped sentence examples within Aerial Vehicle Equipped

A fundamental study for long-distance noncontact shallow underground exploration technology by acoustic irradiation-induced vibration

Exploration of orogenic, fault-hosted geothermal systems using an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach.

Vehicle Equipped sentence examples within Electric Vehicle Equipped

Drivability improvements obtained using a mild hybrid electrical system on a vehicle equipped with a manual gearbox

Fuel consumption and emission improvements obtained using a mild hybrid electrical system on a vehicle equipped with a manual gearbox

Vehicle Equipped sentence examples within Autonomou Vehicle Equipped

Computer vision based obstacle detection and target tracking for autonomous vehicles

Design and Implementation of a Small-scale Autonomous Vehicle for Autonomous Parking

Vehicle Equipped sentence examples within Experimental Vehicle Equipped

NDT Localization with 2D Vector Maps and Filtered LiDAR Scans

System allowing adhesion force change of road vehicle

Vehicle Equipped sentence examples within Fuel Vehicle Equipped

Using an oxidation flow reactor to understand the effects of gasoline aromatics and ethanol levels on secondary aerosol formation.

Emissions from a flex fuel GDI vehicle operating on ethanol fuels show marked contrasts in chemical, physical and toxicological characteristics as a function of ethanol content.

Vehicle Equipped sentence examples within Drive Vehicle Equipped

An integrated control of front in-wheel motors and rear electronic limited slip differential for high-speed cornering performance

A Mathematical Model of a Differential Drive with a Limited Gear Ratio

Vehicle Equipped sentence examples within Ground Vehicle Equipped

Performance Evaluation of Navigation Using LEO Satellite Signals with Periodically Transmitted Satellite Positions

Research on the Robot Platform Construction Method Based on the Simulation

Vehicle Equipped sentence examples within Diesel Vehicle Equipped

Application of a Diffusion Charger to Quantify Real-Time Particle Emissions from Light-Duty Vehicles: a Comparison Study with a Particle Size Spectrometer

Fuel efficiency and exhaust characteristics of turbocharged diesel engine equipped with an electric supercharger

Vehicle Equipped sentence examples within Surface Vehicle Equipped

Evaluation of the Radiometric Calibration of FY4A-AGRI Thermal Infrared Data Using Lake Qinghai

Adaptive Shape Fitting for Lidar object Detection and Tracking in Maritime Applications

Vehicle Equipped sentence examples within Utility Vehicle Equipped

Torque Vectoring Control on Ice for Electric Vehicles with Individually Actuated Wheels

A study on actuator delay compensation using predictive control technique with experimental verification

Vehicle Equipped sentence examples within Underwater Vehicle Equipped

Adaptive containment control of multi-leader fleet of underwater vehicle-manipulator autonomous systems carrying a load

Single-Source Aided Semi-Autonomous Passive Location for Correcting the Position of an Underwater Vehicle

Vehicle Equipped sentence examples within Test Vehicle Equipped

Development and Evaluation of Velocity Predictive Optimal Energy Management Strategies in Intelligent and Connected Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Semantic Segmentation on Automotive Radar Maps

Vehicle Equipped sentence examples within Motor Vehicle Equipped

Analysis of the construction of TEG thermoelectric generator using CFD tools

Complex analysis focused on influence of biodiesel and its mixture on regulated and unregulated emissions of motor vehicles with the aim to protect air quality and environment

Vehicle Equipped sentence examples within Hybrid Vehicle Equipped

Optimization-oriented adaptive equivalent consumption minimization strategy based on short-term demand power prediction for fuel cell hybrid vehicle

The influence of the hybridization factor on vehicle energetic consumption for different e-gearbox configurations

Error Analysis of the Normative Calculation Method of the Exhaust Emissions and Fuel Consumption in the Vehicles Fueled with Gaseous Fuels

Study the dynamic behaviour of seven DOF of full car model with semi-active suspension system

Longitudinal modelling of Electric Vehicle driven by a BLDC In-Wheel Motor based on Pacejka tire model

Design and Implementation of a Moving Robot Equipped with an Arm and an FPGA to Deliver Objects between Two Positions

Real-Time Vehicle Object Detection Method Based on Multi-Scale Feature Fusion

Analysis of Harmful Exhaust Gas Concentrations in Cloud behind a Vehicle with a Spark Ignition Engine

Hexagonal Grid-Based Framework for Mobile Robot Navigation

A Tamper-Resistant Algorithm Using Blockchain for the Digital Tachograph

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Anticipatory Driving in Automated Vehicles: The Effects of Driving Experience and Distraction.

Power Prediction-Based Model Predictive Control for Energy Management in Land and Air Vehicle with Turboshaft Engine

On the Distance-Constrained Close Enough Arc Routing Problem

Investigation on PIFA and Folded-IFA for TPMS Receiver

Semi-Active System of Vehicle Vibration Damping

Consumption of gasoline in vehicles equipped with an LPG retrofit system in real driving conditions

Impact of Parameters Variability on the Level of Human Exposure Due to Inductive Power Transfer

Numerical research on the performance, combustion and energy flow characteristics of gasoline-powered vehicle under WLTC

Optimal Design of Shift Point Strategy for DCT Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

More Vehicle Equipped 차량 장착 sentence examples

Modern approach to testing and validation of driver assistance systems

Analysis of the operation of the hybrid drive system in the light of the proposed Euro 7 standard

Affordable Autonomy through Cooperative Sensing and Planning

Adaptation to driver-assistance systems depending on experience

A New Density-Based Clustering Method Considering Spatial Distribution of Lidar Point Cloud for Object Detection of Autonomous Driving

Lateral Stability Control of a 4-Wheel Independent Drive Electric Vehicle Using the Yaw Moment Contour Line Concept

Integrated disassembly line balancing and routing problem with mobile additive manufacturing

Dynamics of motor vehicle equipped with post-impact control system to avoid other road accidents

Save Our Roads from GNSS Jamming: A Crowdsource Framework for Threat Evaluation

Mind Controlled Vehicle Based on Lidar SLAM Navigation and SSVEP Technology

Development of Velocity Dependent Front Wheel Angle Relation Based on Tire Workload Distribution

Development of a neuromuscular driver model with an estimation of steering torque feedback in vehicle steer-by-wire systems

Improving Accuracy of Localization with Portable APs in Ultra-Narrow-Band-based LPWA Networks

An Overview of Drive by Wire Technology for Automobiles

Ultrasound navigation based on minimally designed vehicle inspired by the bio-sonar strategy of bats

A Distributed System for Reducing Uploaded Data Redundancy in Vehicular Networks

Smart Ambulance System for Highlighting Emergency-Routes

Fuzzy gear shifting control optimisation to improve vehicle performance, fuel consumption and engine emissions

Energy Balance of a Vehicle Equipped with Hybrid Propulsion System Fuelled with Alternative Fuels

A Novel Single Anchor Localization Mechanism Employing Target Movement

Influence of electric motors assembly in hubs of vehicle wheels on the dynamics of movement, especially on surfaces with different adhesion coefficient

Urban Localization inside Cadastral Maps using a Likelihood Field Representation

Easy auto-calibration of sensors on a vehicle equipped with multiple 2D-LIDARs and cameras

Abatement potential analysis on CO2 and size-resolved particle emissions from a downsized LPG direct injection engine for passenger car

Optimization of powerplant component size on board a fuel cell/battery hybrid bus for fuel economy and system durability

Risk prediction algorithm based on image texture extraction using mobile vehicle road scanning system as support for autonomous driving

The Application of NIMH Batteries in a Light-Duty Electric Vehicle

Simulation and Test Research of Tracked Vehicle Ride Comfort

Integrated optimization for mechanical elastic wheel and suspension based on an improved artificial fish swarm algorithm

Passive Inverted Ultra-Short Baseline (piUSBL) Localization: An Experimental Evaluation of Accuracy

Robust composite nonlinear feedback for nonlinear Steer-by-Wire vehicle’s Yaw control

Perspective Planetary-Layshaft Transmissions with Three Power Flows

Fuel processor-battery-fuel cell hybrid drivetrain for extended range operation of passenger vehicles

Active Steering and Driving/Braking Coupled Control Based on Flatness Theory and a Novel Reference Calculation Method

A field operational test in China: Exploring the effect of an advanced driver assistance system on driving performance and braking behavior

Effects of vehicle front-end safety countermeasures on pedestrian head injury risk during ground impact

The Use of Structural Symmetries of a U12 Engine in the Vibration Analysis of a Transmission

Implementation of Autonomous Driving System in the Intersection Area Equipped with Traffic Lights

Route Control for Vehicle Access Point for Pedestrian

An adaptive modified fuzzy-sliding mode longitudinal control design and simulation for vehicles equipped with ABS system

On-Board Measurement of Emissions from Spark Ignition Engine Vehicle for Urban Routes

Computer Vision for Rapid Updating of the Highway Asset Inventory

Real-World Driving Cycle: Case Study Muscat Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis of Joint Radar and Communication using OFDM and OTFS

Preliminary study of the re-radiation effect of Loran signal to improve the positioning accuracy

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