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Manifold ambiguity and performance analysis for electric-measurement-only polarisation sensitive arrays

Bitemporal Fully Polarimetric Sar Images Change Detection Via Nearest Regularized Joint Sparse and Transfer Dictionary Learning

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Effect of Solvent on Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Behavior of Reactive Blue 19 Dye.

Extremely Stable Luminescent Crosslinked Perovskite Nanoparticles under Harsh Environments over 1.5 Years.

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A Universal Compensation Strategy to Anchor Polar Organic Molecules in Bilayered Hydrated Vanadates for Promoting Aqueous Zinc-Ion Storage.

Expression of novel acidic lipase from Micrococcus luteus in Pichia pastoris and its application in transesterification

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Impact of the chemical structure on amphiphilic properties of sugar-based surfactants: A literature overview.

Simultaneous total analysis of core and polar membrane lipids in archaea by HPLC/HRMS coupled with heated electrospray ionization.

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Dependence of efficiency of polyalkyl acrylate-based pour point depressants on composition of crude oil

Effective approach for calculating individual energy of step edges on polar AlN(0001) and GaN(0001) surfaces

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Gas-liquid interface influencing electronic structure of phenol based on molecular dynamics simulations and theoretical X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Nonstationary model of oblique x‐ray incidence in amorphous selenium detectors: II. Transfer functions

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The properties and applications of polyamide-based polyurethanes

Preparation of waterborne epoxy dispersion and its application in 2K waterborne epoxy coatings

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Benzoic acid-modified monolithic column for separation of hydrophilic compounds by capillary electrochromatography with high content of water in mobile phase.

Effects of pendant-like hydrophilic monomers on the adsorption properties of reversed-phase-type sorbents for solid-phase extraction.

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Pulmonary Infection Induces Persistent, Pathogen-Specific Lipidomic Changes Influencing Trained Immunity

Pulmonary infection induces persistent, pathogen-specific lipidomic changes influencing trained immunity

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Highly efficient incorporation of polar comonomers in copolymerizations with ethylene using iminopyridyl palladium system

Recent advances in nickel mediated copolymerization of olefin with polar monomers

Photophysical Behavior and Sensing Response of Chalcone Containing Pyrene moiety

Generation of polarization singularities using propagating cylindrical vector beams

Mixed Micellization: Improved Physicochemical Behavior of Gemini Surfactants in Presence of Other Amphiphiles

Solvent effect on the absorption and emission spectra of carbon dots: evaluation of ground and excited state dipole moment

Congener-specific partition properties of chlorinated paraffins evaluated with COSMOtherm and gas chromatographic retention indices

$${\bar{\nu }}_{\mu }$$ induced quasielastic production of hyperons leading to pions

Appraisal of antioxidant potential and biological studies of bogan bail (Bougainvillea glabra) leaf extracts using different solvents

Preparation and characterization azo dyes derived from 4- hydroxycoumarin and studying their analytical Applications

Multi-Sensing Response, Molecular Docking, and Anticancer Activity of Donor–Acceptor Chalcone Containing Phenanthrene and Thiophene Moieties

Optimization of Plant Extract Purification Procedure for Rapid Screening Analysis of Sixteen Phenolics by Liquid Chromatography

Phonon model of heat radiation into superfluid helium by a solid with a flat surface

Conformational analysis, tautomerization, and vibrational spectra of methyl acetoacetate

Research progress of electromagnetic properties of tunable chiral metasurfaces

Effect of additive polarity on the stability of organic-inorganic hybrid CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite thin film

Analysing Curcuma caesia fractions and essential oil for neuroprotective potential against anxiety, depression, and amnesia

Scattering of a high-order vector Bessel Gaussian beam by a spherical marine aerosol

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Peculiar Features of Vibrations Propagation and Localization in Graphene Nanostructures

Polarization and depolarization metrics as optical markers in support to histopathology of ex vivo colon tissue

Design and Analysis of Single Sided Modified Square Loop UWB Frequency Selective Surface

Preparation and DFT Study for New Three-Ring Supramolecular H-Bonded Induced Liquid Crystal Complexes

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Effect of polymer and conventional molds on the aesthetical surface quality of concretes

Investigation of anodic dissolution and surface passivation of high-grade nickel matte in sulfuric acid solution

Optically Tunable Terahertz Metasurfaces Using Liquid Crystal Cells Coated with Photoalignment Layers

3D-macrocycles impregnated polybenzimidazole hollow fiber membranes with excellent organic solvent resistance for industrial solvent recovery

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Design of Polarization-Insensitive Near Unity Dual Band Microwave Absorber for EMI/EMC Applications

Bistatic scattering simulations of circular and linear polarizations over land surface for signals of opportunity reflectometry

Performance enhancement of the piezoelectric ceramics by alternating current polarizing

Development of natural pigments from Tectona grandis (teak) leaves: Agricultural waste material from teak plantations

Forest canopy scattering properties with signal of opportunity reflectometry: theoretical simulations

Fasting increases 18:2-containing phosphatidylcholines to complement the decrease in 22:6-containing phosphatidylcholines in mouse skeletal muscle

Simple Protocol for Capturing Both Linear-Response and State-Specific Effects in Excited-State Calculations with Continuum Solvation Models.

Shear wave speeds in nearly-incompressible fibrous materials with two fiber families.

Ferroelectric polarization effect promoting the bulk charge separation for enhance the efficiency of photocatalytic degradation

Potential anticancer activity of Acetone extracts of Toona cilliata, Seriphium plumosum and Schkuhria pinnata on HeLa cervical cancer cells

Solvent effect on the methanol oxidation mechanism on B24N24 nano-cage surface: A DFT-D study

Evaluation of Phytochemicals and Bioactive Properties in Mangrove Associate Suaeda monoica Forssk. ex J.F.Gmel. of Indian Sundarbans

Syringin: A Phenylpropanoid Glycoside Compound in Cirsium brevicaule A. GRAY Root Modulates Adipogenesis

Self-Assembled Egg Yolk Peptide Micellar Nanoparticles as a Versatile Emulsifier for Food-Grade Oil-in-Water Pickering Nanoemulsions.

SOS: symmetry-operational similarity

Experimental investigation of stability and thermal conductivity of phase change materials containing pristine and functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes

High-resolution and high-repetition-rate vibrational sum-frequency generation spectroscopy of one- and two-component phosphatidylcholine monolayers

Intraband Radiation Absorption by Free Holes in GaAs/InGaAs Quantum Wells with Allowance for Nonsphericity of the kP Hamiltonian

Enhancing the Plasmon Resonance Absorption of Multibranched Gold Nanoparticles in the Near-Infrared Region for Photothermal Cancer Therapy: Theoretical Predictions and Experimental Verification

New quaternary BNT–BT–PMN–PT ceramic: ferro-/piezo-/pyroelectric characterizations

A quad polarimetric SAR calibration algorithm using rotation symmetry

Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography-mass spectrometry using milder electron ionization conditions: A preliminary evaluation.

Antioxidant, metabolic enzymes inhibitory ability of Torreya grandis kernels, and phytochemical profiling identified by HPLC-QTOF-MS/MS.

Imidazolium-based mesoporous organosilicas with bridging organic groups for microextraction by packed sorbent of phenoxy acid herbicides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorophenols

Pseudoscalar Higgs boson pair production at a photon-photon collision in the two Higgs doublet model

Optimization of Headspace Solid-Phase Microextraction (HS-SPME) Parameters for the Analysis of Pyrazines in Yeast Extract via Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS).

Structures and Fluorescence Spectra of Merocyanine Dyes in Polymer Films

Synthesis and optical properties of new 2-oxo-4-vinyl-2H-chromene-3-carbonitrile dyes

Experimental Study of Depolarization and Antenna Correlation in Tunnels in the 1.3 GHz Band

Chemical Constituents of Acridocarpus orientalis and Their Chemotaxonomic Significance

Clocked Atom Delivery to a Photonic Crystal Waveguide: Simulations and Experiments

All-optically controlled beam splitting through asymmetric polarization-based holography.

Effect of imaging geometry and noise model on polarimetric contrast optimization.

Relation between concentration fluctuations and dynamical heterogeneities in binary glass-forming liquids: A molecular dynamics simulation study.

Quantitative analysis of influencing factors and interactions of thermal infrared polarization of water

Spin Physics with Photon Beams

Influence of second-order reflections during polarimetric calibration with two wire-grid polarizers

Characterization of thin-film optical properties by THz near-field imaging method

Par3 is essential for the establishment of planar cell polarity of inner ear hair cells

Optical polarimetry: Methods, Instruments and Calibration Techniques

Metasurface generated polarization insensitive Fano resonance for high-performance refractive index sensing.

Realization of rhombohedral, mixed, and tetragonal like phases of BiFeO3 and ferroelectric domain engineering using a strain tuning layer on LaAlO3(001) substrate

Examining receptor usage by the morbilliviruses: who, or what, is really at risk?

Expression of various polarization effects by using Spirulina-templated metal μcoils at the terahertz frequency region


Linear spectropolarimetry of 35 Type Ia supernovae with VLT/FORS: An analysis of the Si II line polarization

Confined-walking mode for an elliptical polarized undulator and its application.

Complementary transmissive ultra-thin meta-deflectors for broadband polarization-independent refractions in the microwave region

Antimicrobial and cytotoxic potential of seeds and flowers crude extracts of sunflower

Various Polar 다양한 극성

Various Polar 다양한 극성
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