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Response of soil faunal communities to tea tree cultivars in the hilly region of western Sichuan, China

Production and characterization of palm date powder rich in dietary fiber

Alkylamide Profiling of Pericarps Coupled with Chemometric Analysis to Distinguish Prickly Ash Pericarps

The complete chloroplast genome of Zoysia japonica Steud. isolated in Korea (Poaceae): investigation of potential molecular markers on Z. japonica chloroplast genomes

Effect of Different Dates of Sowing on Growth, Yield Attributes and Yield of Various Cultivars of Kharif Blackgram (Vigna mungo L.) under Amritsar Conditions

Comparing Metabolites and Functional Properties of Various Tomatoes Using Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolomics Approach

Screening of cultivars for tissue culture response and establishment of genetic transformation in a high-yielding and disease-resistant cultivar of Theobroma cacao

Pesticides, metals, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in date fruits: A probabilistic assessment of risk to health of Iranian consumers

Role of Proline in Mitigating the Deleterious Effects of Heat Stress in Chillies

Antioxidant and anti‐inflammatory effects of Peanut (Arachishypogaea L.) skin extracts of various cultivars in oxidative‐damaged HepG2 cells and LPS‐induced raw 264.7 macrophages

Genome-wide Analysis of the WUSCHEL-related Homeobox Gene Family and Functional Characterization of VcWOX4b Regarding the Inhibition of Adventitious Root Formation in Blueberry (Vaccinium Spp.)

Elucidation of the core betalain biosynthesis pathway in Amaranthus tricolor

Post Harvest Assessment and Nutritional Evaluation of Different Cultivars of Taro (Colocasia esculenta L. Schott) Grown in the Alluvial Soils of West Bengal, India

Responses of Different Explants of Sweet Potato on Modified MS and LS Based Nutrient Media in vitro

Ethanol sprays to release grapevine bud dormancy: a potential alternative to cyanamides

Essential Oils from Different Parts of the Sea Buckthorn Hippophae rhamnoides L.

Changes in chemichal characteristics of kombucha from various cultivars of snake fruit during fermentation

Classification of Turkish safflower oils based on their fatty acid and sterol profiles using multivariate techniques

Domesticated tomatoes are more vulnerable to negative plant–soil feedbacks than their wild relatives

A genomic data mining pipeline for 15 species of the genus Olea.

Chelate-assisted phytoextraction of lead using Fagopyrum esculentum: laboratory vs. field experiments

Pi5 and Pii Paired NLRs Are Functionally Exchangeable and Confer Similar Disease Resistance Specificity

Soil Test and Tissue Analysis Based Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilizer Applications on Teff [Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter] Cultivars in North Shewa Central Highlands, Ethiopia

Extracting Weather Information from a Plantation Document

Evolution of lineage-specific gene networks underlying the considerable fruit shape diversity in persimmon.

Chemical Characterization of Virgin Almond and Hazelnut Oils and Their By‐Products

Flowering Phenology, Flower Sterility and Pollen Germination in Olive Cultivars

Salt tolerance in roses - a review

Learning from Synthetic Dataset for Crop Seed Instance Segmentation

In vitro Evaluation of Bioagents/ Consortia on Turmeric Rhizome Rot caused by P. aphanidermatum

Spectral and Hyperspectral Technologies as an Additional Tool to Increase Information on Quality and Origin of Horticultural Crops

Effects of LED lighting recipes on postharvest quality of leafy vegetables grown in a vertical farm

[The study of the polyphenolic complex and iridoid glycosides in various cultivars of edible honeysuckle fruits Lonicera edulis Turcz. ex Freyn].

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Various Cultivars 다양한 품종

Various Cultivars 다양한 품종
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