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Novel in-frame FLNB deletion causes Larsen syndrome in a three-generation pedigree

Three-dimensional visualization of destruction events of turbulent momentum transfer in a plane jet

Variant Map System of Random Sequences

A note on equivariant biharmonic maps and stable biharmonic maps

Rational Invariants of Even Ternary Forms Under the Orthogonal Group

Visual Exploration of Polynomial Combination Based on Variant Measurement Model

Characteristics of Atrial Premature Beat ECG Signals on Variant Maps

Autoimmune genetic risk variants as germline biomarkers of response to melanoma immune-checkpoint inhibition

Indices of a Finitistic Space with Mod 2 Cohomology ℝPn × $$\mathbb{S}^2$$S2

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Visual Analysis of ECG Sequences on Variant Maps

Mapping Chromosome Sequences of Several Primate on Variant Maps

Cutting a part from many measures

Borsuk-Ulam theorems for products of spheres and Stiefel manifolds revisited

Isovariant fibrant spaces

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Diagnostic tools of particle rotation anisotropy

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Variant Maps 변형 맵

Variant Maps 변형 맵
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