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A relaxed generalized Newton iteration method for generalized absolute value equations

Algorithm and Convergence Analysis of Absolute Value Equation Based on Hybrid Network

Value Equations sentence examples within Boundary Value Equations

Linear Barycentric Rational Method for Two-Point Boundary Value Equations

Complete Planar Impedance Conservation and PML Boundary Value Solutions

Value Equations sentence examples within value equations ax

A relaxed generalized Newton iteration method for generalized absolute value equations

A new two-step iterative method for solving absolute value equations

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How squeezed states both maximize and minimize the same notion of quantumness

Three weak solutions for a class of Neumann boundary value systems involving the (p1,...,pn)-Laplacian

Weak Guidance, Multi-index and Exact Mode Eigenvalue Calculation for Mode Intensity Profiles in Tapers

Exciton states in conical quantum dots under applied electric and magnetic fields

Gaudin models and multipoint cnformal blocks: general theory

Thermal Post-Buckling Strength Prediction and Improvement of Shape Memory Alloy Bonded Carbon Nanotube-Reinforced Shallow Shell Panel: A Nonlinear Finite Element Micromechanical Approach

Variant Characteristic Mode Equations Using Different Power Operators for Material Bodies

Probing anharmonic phonons by quantum correlators: A path integral approach.

The Evolution of PET/MR Is Hindered by Our Field’s Reluctance to Provide Critical Evaluation

Quantum Solver of Contracted Eigenvalue Equations for Scalable Molecular Simulations on Quantum Computing Devices.

Tunable plasmonic resonator: a comparison of band diagrams and reflection profiles of the polaritonic crystal

An Extended Separation-of-Variable Method for Free Vibration of Rectangular Mindlin Plates

A 3D Free Vibration Analysis of the Horn-Gear System through Chebyshev–Ritz Method in Ultrasonic Gear Honing

The electronic properties of graphene nanoribbons and the offset logarithm function

Computing molecular excited states on a D-Wave quantum annealer

Stability and Hopf bifurcation of controlled complex networks model with two delays

Linear spatial stability analysis of particle-laden stratified shear layers

Iterative deflation algorithm, eigenvalue equations, and PLS2

Modular forms and SL(2, ℤ)-covariance of type IIB superstring theory

Lightweight Topology Optimization with Buckling and Frequency Constraints Using the Independent Continuous Mapping Method

Circular and Elliptical Neutrino Billiards: A Semiclassical Approach

Stability of different plasma sheaths near a dielectric wall with secondary electron emission

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Absolute frequency analysis of traveling waves in a thin-wall laminated composite cylindrical shell rotating on two-ending elastic supports

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Buckling analysis of composite lattice sandwich shells under uniaxial compression based on the effective analytical equivalent approach

Entanglement of two distant quantum dots with the flip-flop interaction coupled to plasmonic waveguide

Associated Hermite Polynomials Related to Parabolic Cylinder Functions

New and Efficient Equation-of-Motion Coupled-Cluster Framework for Core-Excited and Core-Ionized States.

Stability analysis of MHD carreau fluid flow over a permeable shrinking sheet with thermal radiation

Analysis of Complex Modal Characteristics of Fractional Derivative Viscoelastic Rotating Beams

Coarse-graining molecular systems by spectral matching.

From probabilistic mechanics to quantum theory

Torsional buckling analyses of functionally graded porous nanocomposite cylindrical shells reinforced with graphene platelets (GPLs)

Computer Algebra Challenges in Nanotechnology: Accurate Modeling of Nanoscale Electro-optic Devices Using Finite Elements Method

Application of multiphysics model order reduction to doppler/neutronic feedback

Vibration analysis of rotating composite blades with piezoelectric layers in hygrothermal environment

Stability and Hopf bifurcation analysis of a simplified six-neuron tridiagonal two-layer neural network model with delays

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A Vibration Analysis of a Cylinder with Slits

Taylor approximation and variance reduction for PDE-constrained optimal control under uncertainty

Investigation of the interfacial instability in a non-Boussinesq density stratified flow using linear stability theory

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Value Equations 값 방정식

Value Equations 값 방정식
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